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A candidate lunch, an honest post office clerk, cross-referencing, and some cheap drinks...

I rode the bus down to the Bell Tower area on Hillsborough Street, and while riding overheard a cell conversation of this 18- or 19-ish year old.

"Yes sir, I got it taken care of. It was only like $12.00."

I thought it sounded like maybe he was talking to his father, but wasn't sure.

"Yes, sir. Yes, thank you, sir," he continued.

And I thought, maybe a business person or professor, and then decided that it was just a "strict" father.

"Yes, sir.  Okay, good-bye now." Pause... and then, "I love you, too."

Kim and I had lunch with "Rob," who was visiting from Dallas and a candidate for the MS in Technical Communication program.

Evidently, the faculty really want him here. He has been accepted into master's programs at Clemson, Carnegie-Mellon, the University of Minnesota, and here at N.C. State. He's also been accepted into a PhD program at University of Michigan.

We were going to have lunch at Fraziers, which I was looking forward to because I've never eaten there, but it was closed. We went to Porters instead. I had "today's special," which was a killer shrimp salad.

I suspected that this guy was gay, and at about halfway through lunch, I provided an "opening" for him, after which he talked about his partner and asked about the gay community here.

On the bus on the way back to my car, I checked in with Joe about his job interview this morning, which he feels went well. We talked about getting together for a drink later on tonight.

Back at the Avent Ferry shopping center area, I stopped in the post office to mail Jeanne her taxes and a magazine back to Katherine, who loaned it to me in Dallas when I was there for the Josh Groban concert.

I still haven't read the article for which she loaned it to me, but I photocopied it, so I could get her magazine back to her before it becomes last year's edition. The article is, intriguingly, about a guy who's back from the Iraq war, but "misses" it.

I thought this was the funniest thing—the postal clerk's response at the end of this exchange:

I said, "I want to send this the cheapest way. Media class or fourth class, it's just a magazine."

"Well, you can't send it media, because media class items can't have any advertisements in it at all."

I said, "Okay, just the cheapest way, then. I don't care how long it takes to get there."

This is his response that I loved: "Well that makes two of us."


I worked on my ENG 675 project document today, completing the key path scenarios and accessibility cross-references for each GUI screen.

Joe and I played three or four games of pool at Flex and drank cheap drinks—at least I did. My drinks (bourbon and diet cokes) were $1.25 each. Joe drank two Coronas and then switched to Miller Lite.

After that, we dropped by CCs, where it was open mic night, and as always, totally dead in there. The pool table was taken, so we had a couple of drinks, and then called it a night.
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