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Project document, listening to Joe practice, some scanning, and a show...

This is my favorite PostSecret from this week's collection:

What I wonder about it is, "Does the disappointment stem from what it couldn't produce or from what it did?"

And from overheardinnewyork.com, this gem:

The Penthouse Belongs to His Brother Who Bought into the Lie

Little nephew: The kids who celebrate Kwanzaa at my school said that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

Drunk uncle: You should tell them that the dream of a college education and a prosperous life that they believe in are an even bigger lie!

Penthouse, Park Ave

via Overheard in New York, Apr 8, 2007

Bitter? Party of one? Yes, you, the "drunkle." Your table's ready.

I spent virtually the entire day working on my project document. I completed all of the screen captures and placed them all within the document with section numbers.

Between now and Thursday, I need to update all of the text in the tables under each of the screen captures—cross referencing requirements, dependencies, accessibility guidelines, and associated key path scenarios. A lot of work, but quite doable by Thursday.

I met Joe at his house at around 8:00, where he practiced his presentation on icons on me for his interview tomorrow morning. I also loaned him my flash drive.

I went into IBM, where I scanned in my edit for Christie and e-mailed it to her.

I left there at just after midnight, and I stopped by Legends on the way home to check out the show. That Dana St. James is just something.
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