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The disappearing interface, a stinky walk, and homework...

This is way cool: The Future of Computer Interfaces?

I set my alarm for 10:00 today, but woke up, and got up, at 9:00.

After a hard-boiled egg and a banana, along with some some coffee for breakfast, I spent a couple of hours finishing the update to my ENG 675 defense presentation.

I'm much more pleased with this version of the presentation that I was with the first one. I sent it to Jason. Let's hope he thinks the same thing.

For lunch I had some cottage cheese with pineapple tidbits mixed in and some French-cut green beans, those on the side.

I walked around the lake today, and was absolutely disgusted with the smell of the water in the area right where I started and finished. It smelled like sewage.

I worked on my portal for quite a while today. Still miles to go before I sleep.

I did just a little bit of Service-Learning work today—some calendaring, and an e-mail to the CNR Faculty asking for input to Patti's proposed update to the Engaged College Leadership Team.

At Sarah's request, I reviewed our STC student community's Community Achievement Award application, which made me proud of all of our accomplishments, and totally grateful for a faculty advisor who is so committed to, and supportive of, our group. Thanks, Sarah!
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