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A walk in the 'hood, A Toast to the Triangle, and some pool and a show with Joe...

I got up at 10:00 today, after waking up on and off since 8:30.

I devised yesterday's blog entry, and then updated my podcasts with a subscription sync, erased the ones I've already listened to and then resynced to my iPod for my walk.

I walked for an hour around my neighborhood, two times around a 30-minute route I have timed out. I wanted to be near my house as it looked a little threatening in terms of rain. At one point, at about the 20-minute mark, I felt a couple of drops, but they ended as quickly as they began and that was it.

I met Sarah, her husband Andrew, and a couple, Chip and Eleni, who are friends of theirs from "up the street" at "A Toast to the Triangle," which was held in the McKimmon Center, just up the street from my house.

The list of restaurants providing the food was pretty impressive:
My first time through the endless maze of delicious delectables was in search of the best food. There was a "People's Choice Award" ballot to fill out when you were finished.

My second saunter through was in search of the restaurant who brought the most gorgeous guys with them to serve and present the food.

Also this time through, so as not to be completely shallow, I noted, in general, who seemed to have nice and friendly "waitstaff" present, as that is so much a part of the dining experience.

My choice for best food: BakeHouse Bistro.
My choice for hottest men: Starlu.
My choice for friendliest staff: Cattails Restaurant.

The BakeHouse Bistro had this most fantabulous scallop on some flavored polenta that was just delicious. Actually, it was a close call between that and the Red Room, which had a little piece of tenderloin with a dollop of some kind of sauce on it. The tenderloin was perfect.

Now that I think about it, I'm not quite sure why I didn't cast my ballot for the Red Room instead of the BakeHouse Bistro, as I had two of the scallops from BakeHouse, but at least 6 tenderloins from the Red Room. Oh well.

This event seemed well-attended by rich, white people. I saw one group of three women who were, without a doubt, Lesbians as one of them was so masculine I was almost attracted to her. I hate it when that happens. She even had on men's pants, and a men's button-down shirt.

I saw one gay couple I know were a gay couple, because I've seen them out. I saw two, three at the most, other "two males together," who I assumed were "couples."

I saw, probably, eight black people there, and noticed that one person with a tag on his shirt that said, "Media," being sure to snap a picture of two of them—hopefully not to be used to in the paper tomorrow to suggest that this was a diverse crowd. It simply wasn't.

Speaking of the press, at one point I was using a small, round, high table to set my plate on while I ate, and this couple walking toward me was stopped by a "media person" from Metro magazine who said to them, "May I get a picture of you two for Metro?"

The lady stammered, "Who? Us? We'll probably break your camera."

"No, you're a very handsome couple," the photographer responded like the pro that she was.

I stood there thinking two things: 1) "&deity forbid we should have ugly people in print," and 2) "What am I, chopped liver?"

Bitter? Party of one? Your table is ready.

I revamped my ENG 675 defense presentation tonight from 8:30 until 11:00.

I met Joe at The View side of Legends at 11:30, and we played three games of pool before heading over to "the other side" to see the 12:30 show.

There was something wrong with the air-conditioning in that place, and it was so hot on the stage side that I stayed just on the other side of the doorway on the bar side watching the show, alternately, through the doorway or on the TV sets.

The show wasn't all that, and we got out of there before the lights came on.
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