DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Samson and Delilah...

Uneventful work day.

Left work at 5:00, and met Mary and Janet at Tripps at 5:30. Mary and I had filet mignon, and Janet ordered crabcakes. They were way too hot, and salty, and she sent them back. She ordered shrimp to replace them. The shrimp were way too salty, too, and she let the wait staff know that. The manager came to the table, was very concerned about the situation, and comped both meals. Mary and I ate half of her shrimp, if not more.

We arrived at the opera at about 7:30, and had fun diss-ing people until it was time to be seated. "She looks like a weight-watchers commercial waiting to happen in that spaghetti strap dress." "Is that a hat, or is it his hair?" We're so bad.

The opera was well, typical opera: pity parties, co-dependency, and anger issues. Very dramatic. The ending, however, was, in Janet's words, "underwhelming." I had to agree. I really liked the music, though, especially with it being in French. I may buy the soundtrack.

It ended much later than I expected, at 11, instead of 10. Robert had left me a couple of messages. I caught up with him and he met me back at the house. The house looked and smelled immaculate! I can't say how thankful I am for his doing that.


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