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Denial and bargaining, lack of taste, a wavering body temperature,

From indexed blog:

I love the expression she's assigned to the BE line segment.

I went into the office today. I attended two conference calls today—one on editing indexes and the other on the "new and improved" IBM 2007 Compensation Plan.

With regards to the second meeting, once again, IBM puts a different slant on compensation thinking this version might make the employees happy. See the BC line segment above.

I'm ambivalent as to the ROI of making the shrimp salad I made yesterday. It tasted alright, but at times over the last day or so, my taste buds have been completely out of order, so I'm not sure if that's affecting my assessment.

I coughed enough today that I had to take Tylenol to relieve the pain in my head from doing so. My temperature last night before falling asleep registered 99.2. I checked it twice today, and it was 97.8. According to this web site, there doesn't seem to be cause for alarm as of yet.

I worked on my ENG 675 project document, which actually ended up being work on my prototype web site so that I could create screen captures to put in my document.

I was miserable in class tonight and not very attentive. So shoot me.

Temperature reading at 10:00: 97.4. Downing some Robitussin Head and Chest.

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