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Shopping under duress, a haircut, some grilling out, and dancing...

I, reluctantly and under duress, shopped at Wal-mart today, where it was once again obvious that the making of the liquid spray gel is approaching its demise.

I ended up buying this:
Root lifter? What in the hell is that?

I also bought TurboTax and some 8-gallon trash bags.

My next stop was at CostCutters for a trim, which I badly needed.

After that, it was a stop at the Food Lion, where among other things, I bought some filet mignon to grill out and some shrimp with which to make Shrimp Cocktail.

We had that, along with a salad with lots of fresh vegetables in it and topped with a combination of a low-fat peppercorn ranch dressing mixed with some medium-spicy picante sauce, and some corn on the cob, which I cut off the cob after cooking and doused in butter and salt. It was all good.

"A plethora of flavors," as Robert said.

Dancing was fun tonight, but we were stopped right at 10:30 to start the preparations for the big "Bears in Dresses" fund raiser tonight. After about 40 minutes, it still hadn't started, so we went over to CCs. It's not like we were waiting with bated breath to see the show.

Joe hadn't yet arrived, and I kept the two Jello shots I had snuck over from Flex in a plastic cup with ice on top of them until he did.

I went to use the ladies room at one point, and to my surprise and delight, who should I see standing near there? Myra. Yay!

We caught up a little on hers and Roy's trip to NYC, and actually danced a little bit with Roy and a guy he was dancing with.

Once home, we MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMed. Let's just leave it at that, Junior!

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