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Double standards and a dancing versus Diana snit...

Some of these profiles on some of the web sites slay me. This guy's made me guffaw at the end, where he has the audacity to tell people not to stereotype him, when he stereotypes (indicated in red) the entire way through his profile. [Insert shaking head here.]

I live in Indy, but based in Houston. I will be commuting back and forth to Indy until feel comfortable moving to Houston.

Ok, since stats are the most important thing to people on this site... here they are. I am 44/5'9"/175/brn/blue/moderately hairy/French ancestory [sic]. If you want to know what my arms, legs, chest and whatever are, then we probably won't have any to talk about.

I use this site mostly for making friends and chatting, not sex! Although some people on here seem to think it is a "sex site", I would like to think that the guys on this site have a higher standard than your "typical gay.com" boys.

Just because I am gay, does not mean that I go to bars, call men "girls", sister or girlfriend. I like being with MEN! I would consider myself conservative in nature, but definitely not a Republican. I don't believe in "gay marriage" because frankly, I don't think gay men know the exact meaning of the word. I am definitely a Christian and do hold certain values.

I am a really friendly person (unless you piss me off) and will chat with anyone, however, my attraction to men is more on the slender side... and hairy is a definite plus, but not a requirement.

I workout 3x a week not to impress the boys at the clubs, but to keep myself in shape. I plan on living a long life and take care of my body. Sorry guys, but I am not attracted at all to obese men. I don't smoke or do drugs. I am a moderate drinker for the most part.

I am sorry if you find this profile offensive, but I feel like I have to put the cards on the table and people know where I stand. However, if you read this far, I truly do appreciate it!

I travel a lot go all over the world...so don't be surprised if I end up in your town one time or another. Can't believe I have to add this to my profile....however, if I am in your town and say hello, it doesn't mean I want to jump your bones. Give me some credit.

I work for an airline, so I travel a lot and love meeting new people. Yes, I am a flight attendant, but do not have a trick in every city...so please don't stereotype me.

No, don't you dare stereotype him! Whatever, Mary!

My latest favorite from Jessica:

I was up at 7:30 this morning, over to the bus stop by 8:00, and in the conference room in Biltmore at 8:15. I took minutes of a meeting, which I thought was an hour-long meeting, but turned out to be a 1.5-hour meeting.

I rode over to the Service-Learning with Myra, and spent another few hours there, until 1:15, when I walked over to Tompkins to attend a poster session rehearsal.

I gave decent feedback to two of the poster presenters, a "one-liner" to another, and none to the other two.

Of the two I didn't give any feedback to:
  • One of them wasn't standing near his poster, and he didn't come to it when he saw me standing in front of it. I'm glad he didn't though, because I didn't really like it at all, and that's not what he'd want to hear. There was way too much prose on it. It was like reading a good portion of his research paper, which no one will stand in front of a poster and do at a poster session. Had I given him feedback, that's one of the things I would have said. The other biggest problem I had with it was that it wasn't obvious if the figures included on the poster went with the text before them or the text after them.

  • I didn't give any feedback to the other person, because her poster was way too underdeveloped for a rehearsal one week prior to the session. She had no graphics—just big blocks of text (with an outline around it so that it looked like a piece of paper). Again, way too much text on this poster. The biggest problem, however, was that there was no clear conclusion to the research on it. I didn't give her that feedback, because I stood a long time in front of it while she continued to talk, and talk, and talk with someone else—nothing about which had anything to do with feedback on the poster.

I caught the Wolfline back to my car, and then I met Joe at Helios, where we looked at possibilities for the NYC trip that he'd like to do for his upcoming birthday.

Unfortunately, the time he's asked off from work and would like to go spans over the day of my five-year anniversary with Robert. I told him I'd have to get back to him on it.

I got an e-mail from Robert that he'd strained his back today and wouldn't be dancing tonight.

I worked on Service-Learning work right up until 8:50, and then left for dancing.

It was dead, dead, dead in there tonight. At the very beginning of dancing, Brigner made Van stop the country music while he turned the volume on to the TVs in the place so the "non-dancers" could hear Diana Ross sing on American Idol.

This pissed Rick off (as it did me), but Rick left. Went right out the door. Yes, she did.

If Brigner starts doing that every week, I'll be leaving, too. Is it "Country Line-Dancing Night" or is it "American Idol" night?

As Rick said, "If I wanted to watch that crap, I'd stay home and do it, where I can drink Wild Turkey cheaper than this beer right here."

And my sentiments are, "If I wanted to watch TV, I'd own one."

With all that said, Diana looked a bit anorexic to me. Eat some rice, gurl!

Tags: bar talk, dancing, exercise, grad school, service-learning

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