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Messy business, a seminar abstract, an affirmation, working out, and going out...

People, you simply cannot go around ejaculating on others!

I was up and at 'em at a decent hour this morning. Up and at what I'm not too clear on.

I took care of a couple of STC e-mails this morning, and I exchanged a few e-mails with my sister with regards to a seminar for North Carolina Teaching Fellows that we're going to do together in July. She wanted me to confirm this abstract of the session:

Workshop Title: Are You In or Are You Out?

Description: In this session, Fellows will explore the daily world of being Gay, Lesbian Bisexual, or Transgender (GLBT) in terms of challenges for GLBT persons in general, implications for teacher educators serving GLBT students, and for GLBT teachers in today's schools.

What Level: B-K, Elementary 1-3, Elementary 4-5, Middle Grades 6-8, and High School (subject area if necessary). Pertinent to all levels, but especially for middle and high school.

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Covington taught high school science for 12 years in the NC public school system, and she currently serves as the Director of Teacher Education at ECU.

Mr. Martin is a 20-year employee of IBM, where he is a technical editor and a noted contributor to its Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Employee Diversity Network. He is currently working on his Master of Science degree in Technical Communication in the evenings at NCSU.

Dr. Covington and Mr. Martin are brother and sister.

I received an affirming set of e-mails from someone I met one time over a year ago:

John -

I wanted to be sure to say "Congratulations!" on your acceptance into Sigma Tau Chi. I saw the posting about your acceptance on the STC  Carolina Chapter website in an article that Sarah Egan Warren wrote. I met you last year (or was it 2 years ago now!) at a joint social at Bahama Breeze between the STC Carolina chapter and NCSU STC student chapter. I recall meeting and talking with you and am pleased to hear you are moving on and up!


and culled from a follow-up to my response:

John -

Aren't you GOOD!  ;o>  You are as engaging in email as you are in person! Happy spring break!


I worked out at Carmichael this afternoon, where I did 35 minutes (a.k.a. 418 calories burned) on an elliptical machine and then walked the indoor track for 30 minutes, listening to a bunch of slate.com podcasts while doing so.

I met Joe at Flex, where we played a few games of pool, and drank $1.25 mixed drinks.

Once it was pretty clear that Ben wasn't coming, we went over to CCs, where we found one additional person in there—than the two other people who are usually in there on Monday nights—not counting Price & Rice, the open mic performers/emcees.

The big news, though, was that they were out of popcorn, and Steve (the bartender) put out those big puffed Cheese Doodles. OMG, my favorites.

"The one additional person" in there was named Tony, and he was a piece of work. I would say a tapestry, but that would imply not only a lot of pieces, but also beautifully woven, which was definitely not the case. She was a mess.

One of those people who'd recently moved (back) here from another city (Columbus, Ohio), and just couldn't stop talking about how absolutely wonderful said city was. So you're here because?

He lives in Dunn, and had come to Raleigh to hang out with some friends, none of whom were present—they were all over at Legends.

I asked him what he did in Dunn, and five minutes later after being assured that you could make great money in Dunn being a waiter—$50,000 a year, you know—and that if he made $200 in the first four hours of work, he could walk out just like [insert finger snap here] that—and that he's gotten his life back on track, got his driver's license back after his DUI, and owns his own station wagon, in which he assured us he'd sleep, downing his Jager Bomb shot followed by his third 7&7 chaser, if he was too drunk to drive back to Dunn tonight.

"And when will you know?"  I wondered.

Within minutes his friends called him from Legends and told him they were going to Flex, and that they wanted him to meet them there.

He kept yammering with the bartender, until eventually Joe and I said, "Well, we're heading back over to Flex. You going?" He rode with Joe over there.

I had one more drink at Flex, which I didn't finish, spent most of the time talking to Curt, who eventually got a little obsessed with what was on the television, which was the beginning of some DVD that was showing choices like, "Play," "Menu," and "Scenes."

He disappeared to the back to try and click on "Play." I disappeared to the door and came home. Guess I should have said goodbye.


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