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Experimental theater, a podcast-filled walk, and dancing...

There's an interesting thing going on in the arts in Durham in the next couple of weeks in the form of the play an oak tree.

an oak tree
a play by Tim Crouch
directed by Jeff Storer
Featuring Dana Marks
March 8-24, 2007

an oak tree is the story of two men brought together by loss: a father whose daughter has been killed in a car accident and the driver of that car, a provincial stage hypnotist. For the first time since the accident these two men meet, when the father volunteers for the hypnotist's act...

The Hypnotist is played by Dana Marks; the Father is played by a different guest actor for each performance. The actors playing the Father walk on stage having neither seen nor read a word of the play they're in... until they're in it.

Manbites Dog's 20th season continues with the North Carolina premiere of an oak tree, a bold and absurdly comic new play about loss, suggestion, and the power of the mind, told with rich theatricality and shocking humour.


an oak tree will feature a baker's dozen or so of some of the best actors in the Triangle (plus one from outside the Triangle) in the role of the Father. None of them will have seen or read the play prior to their performance. Actors playing the Father include: Marcia Edmundson, Greg Hohn, Jay O'Berski, Chaunesti Lyon, Katja Hill, David J. Berberian, Scott Robertson, Byron Jennings II, John Honeycutt, Mark Jeffrey Miller, Derrick Ivey, Carl Martin, Gregor McElvogue, Tamara Kissane, Jeffrey Scott Detwiler

My friend, Gregor McElvogue will be playing the father at the Friday, March 23rd, performance, which I will attend.  I also bought tickets for the performance the Friday before, the 16thI really want to see how things change depending on who is improvising in the role of the father.

Manbites Dog is a great little theater in Durham that's been doing good work for years now.  If you've never been, you owe it to yourself to check it out sometime.  Tickets can be purchased online here.

I slept in this morning, had a lazy afternoon, and at about 4:00 headed outside to enjoy the great weather today.

I stopped by the Hallmark store at Avent Ferry & Gorman, which was closed. I hate that place, and only shop there when I'm in a crunch. Today's sign stating Monday through Friday store hours only didn't do anything to change my opinion of the place.

I stopped in the Family Dollar store, where I purchased five bags of Bit-O-Honeys and a birthday card.

I did the three-mile walk around the lake, during which I listened to a bunch of podcasts, including:

Legal LadWhere There's a Will, There's a Way
Legal LadYou (Sometimes) Have the Right To Remain Naked

Slate ExplainerWhat Rewards Can Female Suicide Bombers Expect?
Slate ExplainerWhy Did NYSE Traders Boo After the Crash on Thursday?
Slate ExplainerWhy Does February Have only 28 Days?
Slate ExplainerWas Britney's Hair Full of Drugs?
Slate ExplainerWhy Does the Camera Add 10 Pounds?
Slate ExplainerIs 50,000 Tons a Lot of Oil?
Slate ExplainerWhy do clothes wrinkle?

NPR Story of the DayChurch Hosts Conference on "Ex-Gay" Therapy
NPR Story of the DayStudy Sees Rise in Narcissism Among Students
NPR Story of the DayDeath by Excited Delirium: Diagnosis or Cover-Up?
NPR Story of the DayOpting Out of College for a Blue-Collar Life
NPR Story of the DayKatrina Update: Bush's Friend in the Upper Ninth
NPR Story of the DayFed Up: Man Sues Telemarketers, and Wins
NPR Story of the DayCreator Seeks to Preserve "Electric Slide"
NPR Story of the DayGreased French Quarter Poles a Mardi Gras Tradition
NPR Story of the DayA Post-Katrina Reunion: Finding Helen Carey
NPR Story of the DaySchool Faces Dilemma on Valuable Art

ABC News Money MinuteU.S. Automaker Picks Up Speed
ABC News Money MinuteU.S. Workers Get Fatter Paychecks
ABC News Money MinuteReal Estate's Hard Sell
ABC News Money MinuteNYSE Gets Shanghaied
ABC News Money MinuteCorrecting Credit Mistakes
ABC News Money MinuteWhich Stores Will Make You Happy?
ABC News Money MinuteCollege Financial Aid Deadline Looms
ABC News Money MinuteMoney and the Marriage Wedge
ABC News Money MinuteChrysler Doles Out Pink Slips
ABC News Money MinuteJob Search News for College Seniors

The one about the rewards female suicide bombers can expect, if you don't put much faith in religion, "read" as pure satire. It would have made a great Onion Radio News podcast.

I highlighted the Britney one, because this wasn't something that had occurred to me—that she might have chopped off all of hair to hide drug use for her pending child custody hearing. I hadn't heard that in the news, if it was.

I highlighted the Electric Slide one, because it made me both chuckle and sing the whole way through.

Dancing was fun tonight. We bee-lined it out of there as soon as dancing was cut off, which was at 10:25.

Tags: exercise, friends, podcasts

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