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Grateful, making an STC survey available, show tunes, and a late night snack...

Today was one of those days that I was truly grateful for being able to work only two days a week @ IBM—both from a financial perspective, and from the perspective of having an employer who offers a "Leave of Absence Work Option" allowing me to do so.

I had a productive day doing just what I wanted to do, which today was editing the results of a survey done in 2006 of recent graduates of the Master's program I'm currently in the midst of, and linking it in to our organization's web site.

Not only is it interesting information, its presence is another criterion we can check off in terms of earning an award from STC.

While I was in there, I also updated our events calendar and added titles to each web page so that they show up in the left hand corner of the browser, which is particularly helpful when such a window is minimized.

Also, in STC-related activities, I devised, and posted to the listserv, a "campaign letter," not solely to announce my intention to run as President of our organization for the upcoming academic year, but to encourage other members (and future members) to consider running for an office as well.

Subject: STC Leadership—A Call to Collaborate

Hello STC members and students in the MS in Tech Comm Program (a.k.a. future STC members),

I'm not graduating this semester, so I'm throwing my hat into the ring for the office of President for this upcoming academic year. If I were to be elected, I would love to work with a young (in mind and heart, of course), enthusiastic, dedicated, and fun group of officers, because that's the foundation of a successful team.

Also, if all goes well I'll be graduating in December, so working with a Vice President in a collaborating, as well as mentoring, role our organization would benefit from a smooth transition of the Vice President to the President for the Spring '08 semester.

We had a great team this year, and we accomplished a lot that we're very proud of. And, on top of that, we had a lot of fun doing it. The fun and camaraderie have been the greatest rewards for me in my office of Newsletter Editor on the team this year.

I hope to have your support as I run for President, but more than that I hope you'll seriously consider working on the same team with me in whatever role I end up with in STC for 2007-2008!

Please come to the social that Kim just announced for Thursday, April 5th, at 8:45 PM at Mitch's Tavern on Hillsborough Street, and let's talk about which office would be a win/win for both you and STC. Even if you don't end up running for, or being elected to, an office, you'll experience that fun and camaraderie thing I mentioned above. :-)

John Martin

I met Joe at Flex at 9:00, and we played two games of pool, each winning one. Joe spent most of the night talking to Joel.

On and off throughout the night, I spoke with Doug (who told me a "bitter" story about "Roy"), David (well, he spoke to me), and Joe and Joel, of course.

Brigner had incorporated some good clips from the Oscars into the "Show Tunes" line-up tonight, particularly the Dreamgirls songs. In fact, for one sequence, he spliced together a bunch of people singing the song that I believe Beyoncé actually wrote, but that Jennifer Hudson sang in the movie.

Joe and I stopped at Shanghai Express on the way home. I had the Sesame Chicken, of which I ate about a third. The rest is in my fridge.

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