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Biking and dancing!

Did an installation today, on two machines, for "Dr. No!"

Attended the Tour de Friends information session at George's garage from 6-7. Met Gabe (whom I already knew from the Helpline), and Nancy, leading the meeting. Robert met me there, and there was another interested writer named Pam. We had a spinach dip appetizer, I had a CC&DC, we asked a lot of questions, and watched a 12-minute inspirational video. I'm ready to sign up!

Robert followed me home, and we had a quick dinner.

We arrived at Flex at about 8:45. It was huge fun dancing. There were a lot of folks there, some spillover with new dancers as a result of the Saturday night dancing at Oasis. Yippee! This might just catch on yet!

Jay's friend, CD, was there, and he and Robert spent a lot of time talking. Shawn (Sean?) bought me a drink. I want to remember to buy him one next time. Gerard was there for the first time in ages. I had a lot of fun dancing The Swing with Joe. I'm glad he's teaching me that!

Just fun, fun, fun! and I burned off an entire day's worth of points! Double yippee! Oh, yeah, and then there were those "points burned" doing MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

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