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Spread your ?, messages editing & PBCs, scheduling my last advising session, and more free drinks...

Wednesday One-Liners: 'That's What She Said'

Conductor: Okay, folks, we're actually running ahead of schedule. We'll be stopping for approximately 40 minutes, so if you like you can get out and spread your legs. Spread your— stretch your legs—

—Amtrak train into Penn

Overheard by: KT

Girl on cell: Hey, Mom. Hold on a second, I'm gonna three-way Dad... Oh, wow, weird.

—Jamaica Station

Overheard by: Mike

via Overheard in New York, Feb 28, 2007

I was up at 6:30 and into the office by 7:15. No traffic and a front row park.

Out of habit, I checked the Snowshoe Snow Report, in which, in the detailed section, it showed Cupp Run still down today. Crazy.

My work day consisted of editing error messages by six different writers, and creating my PBCs for 2007. Woohoo!

I caught the Wolfline from the Food Lion on Avent Ferry, and I stopped by Dr. Dicks' office to sign up for an advising session to plan my Fall semester classes.

This is going to be my last advising session as the Fall will be my final semester. It's been a long road, being that I'm in the third year of a two-year program, but I can see the cap and gown at the end of the auditorium, and it really has been socially and intellectually invigorating being back in school after 25 years.

There's not much "advising" to be done—it's a formality, really—as I have one required course yet to take, and need two more hours, which are going to be fulfilled taking a new course one of my professor's is teaching in which instead of doing the class project, I'll be a sort of research assistant to him analyzing data he has collected in some of his recent research.

After using my red editing pen on the mis-marked dates on the sign-up schedule on Dr. Dicks' door, I took the 5:30-5:45 slot on Monday, March 12th, and I went to my 30-minute meeting with Jason on my ENG 675 project, during which we went through his review comments for various clarifications.

Since I was parked there, when I got off the bus, I stepped into the Food Lion and did a little grocery shopping.

I met Joe at Sammy's Tap & Grill for a late dinner and a couple of drinks. The bar discount seems to be following me. We each had 3 drinks—me two bourbons and diet, and Joe, three Yuenglings. Our bill had charges for two of each. I just don't get it. But I'll take it.

After a little work on my first draft, which was due to my consultants by midnight, I sent it off to them, and ran down to Flex to "check out the scene."

I wish I hadn't.

Too many irritants there, not the least of which was Candice once again taking over the microphone after she sang and yammering endlessly, and the other being Chad blasting his music in between every singer and commenting, "This song is the bomb," or "I don't care what people say, this song rocks." To whom is he speaking? No one in there listens to that kind of music.

Rather than continue to irritate myself, I left after one drink and about 45 minutes. Yay, me.
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