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Another day of work and play...

I just love this woman! Can't you just feel the finger snaps in her response?!?

Dear Prudie,

My husband and I are expecting our first child in June. I will have at least five showers. I was wondering if it would be acceptable to ask that one of my showers be a "gift card shower" from a particular store. We have picked out baby furniture from a store, and we know that furniture is not an item that an individual can go out and buy alone. We also know the possibilities of duplicate gifts from five showers. Should I just tell the people hosting the shower that if anyone asks what to get, to suggest a gift card from the store, or would it be acceptable to have the theme of the shower be "Babies 'R Us Gift Card Shower"?


Dear Mother,

If it hasn't been long since the wedding, I assume your friends are still recovering financially from your five bridal showers. To ease your burden of coming up with a theme for each of your "at least" five baby showers, cancel at least four of them. (How is it that someone ends up having five baby showers, anyway?) The theme of your baby shower (singular) is that you are starting a happy new part of your life and your friends want to help you with that transition. The theme is not scoring enough stuff to start your own baby-goods store. As for how to let people know what you'd like—it's customary for the hostess to tell the guests where the mother-to-be is registered.


I did about 3 hours worth of IBM work this morning—editing.

I devised and sent an e-mail to the University Registrar requesting a meeting with him to discuss the dependencies in my Program Management Portal.

I devised and e-mailed a link to a next meeting date survey for the Service-Learning Engaged College Leadership team, and exchanged a couple of e-mails about it with Myra and Annette.

Later in the day, I worked on making the three Service-Learning-related surveys I've created "collaborative" so that two other people in the office can view them. I've done all that it looks like you need to do to make them accessible, and yet they remain not. Grrrr!

I did a strenuous workout at Carmichael—30 minutes on the eliptical, and then walked 3 miles at a brisk pace.

I got to Flex at a little after 9:00, where it was "Show Tunes" night. Brigner has been good about keeping the video clips "fresh." Tonight's night-long collection already had clips in it from the Grammy Awards.

I played several games of pool tonight—some with Chris (zinnian), and some on the "good table," which included one win against Marcus.

Never mind that I made him play with a "house" pool cue and got some incredibly lucky shots.

Shawn, Josh, and Van were out and Van told me that only Michael, Rick, and Geromy showed up for dancing on Wednesday. And Michael and Rick did one two-step the entire night, and none of them did any line dances. Heavens to murgatroid!
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