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Love candy, was lost but now is found, in-context quoting, a course dropping, and course progress...

Three things I meant to blog about yesterday, but forgot to:

For Valentine's Day, Robert made me some of his signature caramels.

Love them. Love him.

Lost and Found Animated Picture
About three weeks ago, I lost the sync cord to my Palm Pilot. Here are the things I've done in the meantime to find it:
  1. Looked in my "currently-used" laptop bag.

  2. Looked in my book bag.

  3. Looked in my first work laptop bag—all six pockets, including four side ones and two inner ones.

  4. Looked in my second work laptop bag—all six pockets, including four side ones and two inner ones. (It's the exact same style bag, only on this bag the zipper pulls are torn off, and I've replaced them with huge paper clips that really don't work that well. But I digress...)

  5. Looked through my soft-sided "briefcase."

  6. Thought, "Oh, I'll bet I left it at the office."

  7. Looked in the office two days later when I finally went in.

  8. "Damn, I wonder if I lost it at Helios one day."

  9. Next time at Helios, I asked if they had a "lost and found," to which they pulled out a huge plastic bag from a drawer, full of power cords, mice, connectors, adapters, and other miscellaneous electronic gadgets. (No dildos—that I saw, anyway. I digress yet again...)

  10. "Crap!" Back at home, I repeat steps 1 through 5, more diligently. Nothing.

  11. "Oh, I know. I'll bet I left it in the Service-Learning office!"

  12. Next time in the Service-Learning office, I checked to no avail.

  13. "It's got to be in my IBM office."

  14. Two days later, back at the office, I looked everywhere in the office—on the floor, behind things, even in my desk drawers, where I know I would never put it.

  15. Nothing. Now I start asking friends if they have a sync cord, just to borrow. No one has the model Palm Pilot I have.

  16. Yesterday, I opened my "currently-used" book bag, reached inside to pull out my power cord and mouse, and what comes out with it? My sync cord.

I still haven't stopped shaking my head... or grinning.

Remember my interview for the Technician in which I had the eerie feeling I was going to be misquoted?

Well it didn't happen. I was quoted in context. And the first two words of the article were: "John Martin..." Something about that appeals to me.

[Aside to Myra if you're reading: I left the copies of that article you kept for me at the office. I hope they're still there. I do still want them.]

I worked from home today, editing error messages, which are supposed to adhere to this format:

<message ID=xxx>
          State what failed here.
          State why it failed here.
          Tell the user how to fix the problem, or if s/he doesn't have authority to fix it to notify the system administrator.
          Tell the system administrator what to do to fix the problem.

I am, or was, taking two classes this semester. One of them you've been reading about ad nauseum.

The other one is a Scientific Posters class, which is only a one-hour course that meets only five times in the semester from 4:30–5:45, and started this afternoon.

It turned out that there were only four people registered for the class, and at 4:30 only two of us were there. By 4:45, the other two people showed up.

Later that evening, I ended up dropping the course for a few reasons:
  1. I don't have a research paper from which I'm willing to create a scientific poster,

  2. I have to miss a class, and as I said, there are only 5 of them, and

  3. I spoke with Jason, and he can easily make the one-hour credit independent study course, which I'm going to take in the Fall, a two-hour credit course. (In addition to the one 3-hour course I'll be taking in the Fall, those 2 credit hours are what I need to complete my degree.)

ENG 675 class was short and sweet tonight. The class time was allotted to discussing the reviews by our peers of Draft 1 of our projects.

I was done both with the two people I had peer reviewed and with the two people who had peer reviewed me by 8:00. I stayed a couple of minutes after that to work out, what resulted in item 3 in the list just above, with Jason.

I got to bed by 11:00, and was sound asleep about three minutes after putting down the crossword puzzle.
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