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Some IM chats, STC board meeting, dinner @ Sylvia's, class, Helios, and (what I THOUGHT) was Karaoke

At 8:48, I tumbled outta bed, stumbled to the kitchen, poured myself a cup of ambition, and generally yawned and stretched and just tried to come to life. How original.

I worked from home today, and had an interesting instant message chat with Mary Mahoney in Austin; I like her.

Later in the day, I had an instant message chat with a flash from the past, Molly Levinson, who was Molly Noecker at the time I worked with her, probably 15 or more years ago. She's considering a job offer in our department, and was trying to get "the scoop" on how the team "really is."

The STC board met in the Caldwell Lounge from 5:00–6:00, where Sarah, in her student-caring way, asked those of us in ENG 675, which is most of us, how our projects were going, and gave us all a chance to "vent." I was so impressed with this, that I later sent her e-mail that said:

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for being a "people person," and for the time and caring you give to students. I admired your "roundtable" at the beginning of the meeting to give everyone a chance to vent about their projects and problems, and your offers of encouragement to everyone. You're amazing, and a joy to know.

Our meeting was efficient and productive. Our biggest accomplishment was tearing through a "Community Rechartering Form" that we had to fill out for the STC International organization, and everyone was present—including a non-board member, Brian, which was great.

I had an hour-and-a-half before class, during which I did a little work, and then crossed the street to have dinner at Sylvia's Pizza. I've been wanting to try this place forever, but have always ended up a few doors down at I Love NY Pizza, instead.

My meal was delicious, but the service absolutely sucked. And there aren't even waiters there. I may write this off as a one-time fluke, since the food was so good.

The guy who took my order was the problem. He was a tall, loaf of a guy, a student I'm sure, who couldn't answer any of the questions about the food (perhaps he was new, and if he was, he surely won't last long), and twice while I waited for my order to be ready, the manager or owner (who was a guy, so probably not "Sylvia"), had to get his attention when there was a customer wanting to order.

Both times, he was sitting on a stool in front of the cash register where you order. The first time, he had his head down into his hands, like he was napping or had a headache. Somebody walked up to order, and the manager had to call his name for him to look up.

Not long after that, he had his head turned to the right, and was watching The Simpsons on TV, and I watched as the people coming up to order just stood there, and stood there, again, until the manager had to call his name to get him to notice that he had customers.

Oh, he would so be out of there if I was managing that place.

Class went well tonight, and I'm thankful to be in a good place with my project, as a few people are struggling with theirs—most to do with external circumstances, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating; more so, if anything, as you have little-to-no control over those.

I went to Helios after class, where I caught up my blog, and just relaxed after class.

I stopped by Flex to check out Karaoke as it was so good on Tuesday last week. This week, that was not the case.

I left after about 45 minutes, when Miss Candice dragged her attention-seeking ass up on the stage, ended up not knowing, or being able to sing due to the range, part of the song that she chose to do. "They cut off my balls, but they couldn't change my voice," she said. (She's a transsexual.)

I mean, I don't have a problem if you can't sing the song, but just say so, and exit left. But, no, not her. She stayed up there waiting for the parts that she could sing, but worse than that, she stayed up there after her song was through, and started talking to the crowd, "Let me ask you guys something. Do you know what e-tickets is? Have you heard of that? Did you know that the guy who owns e-tickets.com's rich, fat ass lives here?"

Ok, two things: 1) Who told you that this was the Candy Yammer Hour instead of Tuesday Night Karaoke, and 2) (in the immortal words of Wanda Sykes from Sick and Tired), "Who gives a fuck about the owner of e-tickets.com and what you think about him?"

I so walked out of there while she was still up there basking in all of the attention she so desperately craves. Bar drama.

Back home, I had a delightful e-mail from Mary Mahoney, saying that she had found my blog by following some links in my portfolio, a link to which I had given her during our instant message chat this morning showing some of the classes that are offered in my master's program. Cool.

Note to self: You need to fix some of the links in that portfolio. [Aside to self: I hate coding web page frames.]
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