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Sweet breakfast service, a nice walk and lunch, a stop at work, the L-Word, and drag...

Robert brought me coffee in bed, and then he made me breakfast. Love that man. So sweet.

I met E-Ching and David at just after 12:30, and we made the two-mile walk from their house to K&W at Cameron Village.

We entered the Disneyworld-like line that consisted, undoubtedly, of churchgoers coming, but with all the "Salad ma'ams?" "Entrée sirs?" "Ma'am, vegetables?" and "May I serve you some bread, sirs?" the line moved pretty quickly.

On the walk back, the clouds were ominous, and it started raining huge drops at one point, but stopped after just a couple of minutes, and we were spared the rain the rest of the way home.

They opened my eyes to window panes on the way back—there are so many configuration of them these days. They've noticed, because they're looking to replace their windows.

I stopped by home, packed up my laptop and Shruti's marked-up book, and headed out to IBM, where I scanned my mark-up in, and e-mailed it to India.

While there, I did some finishing touches to the two prototype web pages I created for S-L, and e-mailed them to Myra and Patti. Affirmations returned.

I met Joe at The View side of Legends @ 10:00, and I found him sitting at a table in the middle of a bunch of Lesbians. It was "The L-Word" night there, and womyn were sitting all over the place— on the floor, on the couches, at the bar— all riveted to the big screen TVs in the place.

The scene of the show into which I walked consisted of this woman obviously having oral sex performed on her, though you could only see her from the neck up. She was moaning incredibly, and barking breathy directions, "Right there; in a circle; yes, go 'round and 'round right there; yes, do it just the way you'd like it done to you..."

It went on and on until she finally came, and then the woman "off camera" worked her way up into view, and as soon as her face was in view, all the girls watching screamed in unison. It was quite amusing, and I immediately wondered who the "other woman" was. She was older. My first thought was, "Good God don't let it be her mother."

Joe and I played three games of pool in a separate room, a room in which the TV screens are tuned to sports (some big poker tournament was going on), but every once and a while, we'd hear all of the girls laugh at something or scream again. Funny.

After three games of pool, we still had about an hour-and-a-half before the drag show started, and Joe wanted something to eat. We ran over to The Borough, where we each had a drink and split an order of their cheese fries.

Back at Legends, close to 12:30, right before the drag show started, there was a girl standing next to me at the bar, and I asked, "Were you over at The View earlier watching The L-Word?"


"That woman, during that sex scene?" I started.

"Which one? There are a lot of sex scenes in that show."

I said, "The woman who was getting oral sex for quite a while, and at the end, this older woman came into view, who was obviously doing her, was much older than her, and everyone in the room screamed when they saw her? What was that about?"

She replied, "Oh, that older lady is the dean of the college, straight, married and has two kids."

The show tonight was okay. There was a guest drag queen from Houston there, who started off with a little too much of that "How are you motherfuckers doing tonight?" crap that gets on my nerves.

She also dragged a straight guy up on the stage, and yammered with him and his girlfriend for way too long about stuff that she couldn't manage to make as funny as she thought it should be. I hate that shit, and actually left the room while it was all going on.

We left at about 1:15, before the show was over. I was happy enough after hearing Coti Collins do a Reba song and a Dolly song.

Here's what the "diva from Houston" looked like. You can't tell from these pics, but she had the biggest tits in history. Hormones. Speaking of huge bahongas, I never saw Dana St. James. I think she called in sick tonight.

Oh I see now that that ad was for Friday night. Maybe Dana wasn't billed for Sunday night. Who cares?
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