DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A service-learning kind of day, dinner, and dancing...

I caught the Wolfline at 7:15, and arrived at Clark at about 8:50.

I printed 5 copies of the meeting minutes that I finished late last night, and headed downstairs to wait for Myra and Dani, who pulled up just as I stepped outside the building.

Myra drove us to Biltmore where we met Patti et al. for the CNR faculty meeting from 8:30–9:30.

After the meeting, I walked to the bus stop at Carmichael, and caught the bus home, while Myra, Dani, and Patti went on to their next meeting.

I had a great call with Dr. Covington about my 675 project, which he seemed pretty jazzed about, and willing to help however he can. Perfect. I'm jazzed, too.

I summarized our conversation in a note to Jason, and we are good to go on this project. What a relief.

I caught the bus back to Clark at around two in the afternoon, and did some S-L work for about an hour-and-a-half, most of it spent preparing and sending an invitation to an up-coming service-learning conference at Elon University to the Engaged College team.

The office was teeming with folks, as Myra, Steffi, and Alissa were about to teach their first class of the semester (with Dani observing), Patti was heading to yet another meeting after giving me the information I needed to send the invitation, and Elizabeth was in for a while. Full house.

Robert arrived minutes after I got home, and we went to Rock-Ola Cafe for dinner. After that, it was a nap. And after that, dancing at Flex.

It was an okay evening. Carl taught the two-step, which was good, as it's been forever since there has been a two-step lesson as opposed to a line-dance lesson.

We left at about 10:40, and were in the bed by 11:30. Yay!
Tags: dancing, grad school, service-learning

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