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A traffic-free morning, a career counseling day, class, and meeting minutes...

You Can Take the Woman Out of Georgia, but You Can't Take the Spit Out of Your Coffee

Waitress: Hi, sweetie, how are you?! Can I get you some more coffee, sweetie? Sweetie, you look like you've had a rough night, can I get you something else?

Queer looking up at waitress for a silent minute: Darling, I really hope this is your first day, 'cause clearly you are not skilled in the art of serving New Yorkers. I don't know how they do things down South, but here in the city you ask us what we want, you bring it to us, and you walk away. You don't make small talk, you don't ask what's wrong, and you sure as fuck don't call us "Sweetie." Get it?

Waitress: Well, screw you! I don't need to sit here and listen to some bratty—

Queer, clapping: Yes! Just like that! Except next time, instead of "Screw you," I'd say "Fuck you." Much more effective. Now, may I please have a cup of coffee? Thanks, Georgia.

—Chelsea diner

I was "up and at 'em" at 6:00 this morning, and into the office—traffic free— by 6:50.

Two affirmations today:
  1. Courtney asked me to lunch for some career advice, and
  2. Rhonda called me this afternoon for some of her own.
I guess, if nothing else, working at a place over a 26-year period gives the perception that you understand something about it. Actually, I'm flattered to have my opinion sought after, but even more than that, to be trusted with issues that matter to people.

I finished off the Pesto Chicken Pasta, which I made the other day, for dinner tonight. It's okay. I bought some pesto sauce instead of making it, and it's a little too bayleafy ←[this is an iwc41ism, along the lines of bothery and trafficy] for my taste.

I did a load of whites, and organized these piles of papers on the kitchen table, kitchen counter, passthru window and TV trays upstairs by my computer. This paper, if left untamed, takes on an unwieldy life of its own.

In the end, I had created 6 manila folders: S-L (Service-Learning), STC (Society for Technical Communication), Health, ENG 525, ENG 675, and IBM Editing. Let's see how long that lasts.

In addition to that, I had five piles, one on each of the first five steps leading upstairs: a recycle pile of paper I can use in the printer for non-essential printing, a pile to be filed in my filing cabinet, a pile from which to create a portfolio of my technical communication work, a pile which contains papers that need to be re-filed with archives of classes I've taken in tech comm, and a small pile of pamphlets to be put my bed to read "in my spare time." Let's see how long it takes to get those piles dispersed.

Class was uneventful tonight. We heard from the rest of the folks about their projects, covered what's expected in the proposal document, specifically covered the "Problem Statement" section of the proposal, and examined some previously submitted proposals—from previous ENG 675 classes.

I spent a few minutes hashing out some things with Jason about my proposal/project. I need to get up with Dr. Covington tomorrow.

From 9:30 until 11:30, I sat in the Caldwell lobby and finished up some S-L work—merging mine and Myra's meeting notes from our 12/18/06 meeting, culling out the action items, and adding headings to the proceedings.

Just walking in the door at home, I saw a missed message from Myra—letting me know that the meeting at 8:30 in the morning is not where I thought it was. Glad to get the call.
Tags: grad school, ibm, service-learning

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