DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A sad start, an afternoon at Helios, and a puzzling dinner at Red Lobster...

I woke up at 8:00 this morning—from a sad dream. After about an hour, I went back to sleep until 11:30.

I got to Helios at about 1:00, and spent the entire afternoon there. I changed tables two times, one time to get away from this "regular" there, who I'm sure does not even know the word consideration exists, much less what it means.

It is just incredulous, the volume of his voice, on his cell calls— which are prolific, and with a Bluetooth headset. Half of his calls are in French.

I had dinner at Red Lobster, and declined a table near a large family who was there to celebrate one of the adult's birthday, and who had a baby in a high chair with them. No grandmas and errant straws for me today.

I ordered my usual—Broiled Stuffed Flounder.

During the time it took to arrive, and while I ate, I did the three N&O puzzles: the crossword puzzle, the Word Jumble, and the Cryptoquote.

I stopped at the Harris Teeter on Jones-Franklin Road on the way home.

I went to bed just before 10:00.
Tags: coffee shops

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