DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Turning widgets, and some Friday night laughs...

I got a lot of work and school items taken care of today, which included a ride into the office in the late afternoon, where I submitted my PBC results for 2006. I stopped by Donna's on the way to work to deliver Robert's Christmas gift of caramels.

I got to Flex before Joe did for Friday Night Show Tunes, and I played a couple of games of (free) pool with Doug, who I haven't seen out in ages—since his prostate surgery, actually.

Once Joe arrived, he and I played a few games until Wayne (of "John Wayne") put his name on the board. I played one game against him, which was not fun—too much of his self-worth is wrapped up in the game, it appears. As soon as it was over, Joe and I walked away from the table.

It turned out to be a very fun night—we laughed a lot.

We hung out with Chris (zinnian), a date of his, Brian, and Randy. We had a couple of laughing spells, notably one around the Sordid Lives sequence of clips that Brigner put together.
Tags: bar talk, ibm

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