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Invitation to IBM's table at the HRC dinner...

Got a delightful surprise with a call from Stan K. asking me if I'd like to represent IBM (with others) at the HRC dinner in Greensboro on Feb 15th. Jacci M. and Joseph B. will be there, along with others. I'm going to rent a tux. Unfortunately, it's on the same night as the Brians' Valentine's Day party. I sent my regrets to them telling them I may call on my way home and see if the party's still going on.

I got an e-mail from Wes about purchasing a bike to ride in the AIDS Ride (officially now called the "Tour de Friends"). I think I'm going to ride in it. What's daunting about it is a commitment, if you ride, to raise $2,500 in sponsorships. I'm going to an information session about it on Wednesday night at George's Garage. Jeff T. is going to meet me there. And, Thursday night, there's a "bike fitting" at Flythe's Bikes. If they can get 10 orders they will get us $599 bikes for $470.

I got home just after 6, ate a Lean Cuisine, and then left to meet Gregor at Third Place for 7:00. I'm really looking forward to catching up with him.

He showed up at about 10 after, and in between there Courtney called in a panic, trying to get back to Baltimore because the basement in her new apartment was flooding and her photographs were down there. She wanted to know if I had Internet access at the moment, and I told her no that I was at Third Place. She said the last Southwest flight was out at 6. I suggested she try U.S. Airways. She called back later, at about 7:30 to see if I could take her to the airport. I told her I was with Gregor, and she said, "Okay, I'll see if Jeff can take me." (Her flight was at 8:20!) I never heard back from her, so I assume Jeff was able to take her. Poor kid! She's got a lot going on right now!

Gregor and I had a nice hug, and a great chat, catching up on tons of things. We agreed to go visit a priest (for his role in Lilies) tomorrow evening or after the 11:00 or 11:30 mass on Sunday. I'll call out to St. Francis tomorrow and check on that.

He left just after 8:00, and I stayed to create next week's reading assignment for Read My Lips, and to prepare my own answers to last week's questions. I'm very pleased about how this reading and discussion is progressing.

I came home and did some research on the Intersex website to complete a question I'm putting in next week's assignment. After that, I got on my laptop, caught up this journal, completed my food journal for today, and will save the EAGLE distribution lists from my Lotus Notes inbox onto my "local" (laptop) LN workspace.

I also had a heart-warming little AIM session with Robert. Sweet, sweet man! Today is the nine-month anniversary of the relationship we are not having. :-) We could've had a baby by now if I wasn't shooting blanks. Well, maybe not.

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