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Complimentary coffee, grad school study results work, and dancing...

I really need to get to the grocery store. This is my third or fourth day of using "emergency" hotel coffee filter packs — that I've collected traveling — for my morning coffee.

They're actually fairly decent, with the caveat that I'm not by any means a coffee connoisseur. They have fancy schmancy brand names to them, such as Wolfgang Puck, and Royal Cup.

The thing that's nice about them is that they're all already in a filter bag, which is kind of essential, because I'm out of both coffee and filters.

I met Joe at Panera Bread at Crossroads, where we attempted to sit outside to enjoy the absolutely incredible January weather (low 70s) that we had today, but alas, the screen glare was not conducive to not squinting and wrinkling our foreheads, of which women and gay men must be mindful.

With the "candy canes 33-cents each, three for a dollar" still on my mind, I went ballistic at the cash register when the person waiting on us gave us three bagels and only two containers of cream cheese, when we ordered three bagels.

What made me go off was that when I asked why we only got two cream cheeses, instead of one for each bagel, she replied, "You have to pay for them separately."

I had paid for the entire order (those three bagels and two cups of coffees) with a gift card that Joe got me for Christmas, and so I immediately SHIFTED INTO UPPER CASE (a.k.a. "went into Mary mode"), and said with attitude, "Well, ring them up separately then."

However, what she meant was that you have to pay for the cream cheese separately, not the bagels, and she had only charged us for two cream cheeses. I said, "Well, that's ridiculous," and gave her another $1.39.

The thing is, I know, that at a previous visit, I remarked to Joe, "Wow, it's $.89 for a bagel with just butter, and it's $2.19 for a bagel and cream cheese." That's what I read on the menu on the wall: Bagels (with just butter): $.89, Bagels with Cream Cheese: $2.19.

That does not seem to me like the cream cheese is priced separately. If it were, I would expect to read: Bagels – $.89, add $1.30 for cream cheese."

Whatever! That's a lotta drama about some bagel bologna.

We spent a couple of hours there, and I had trouble working on the STC newsletter, which is what I should have been working on there, so instead, worked more on the HTML to present the results of my "Sounding Gay" survey, which is not as urgent, but just as important, work.

Dancing was festive tonight. We had a decent number of dancers, and the crowed grew as the evening progressed.

Before everyone arrived, Chris (zinnian), Stephen, and I played a game of cut throat pool, and then Van and I played against Chris and Joe for a second game of partners 8-ball.

I'm not sure at what time we stopped dancing, but I think it was pretty close to 10:30.

It was "Bear Blackout Night," but it wasn't all that dark in there, and I didn't see any seedy activity at all. Of course, I didn't see the seedy activity the last time it supposedly happened, so I guess that doesn't mean none went on.

Joe and I debated about going to CC's, but in the end, opted for Snoopy's instead, where I had a chicken salad sandwich, and he had fries.
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