DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

An appearance in the office, a haircut, a 95.5% savings, Carmax drop off, and show tunes...

I went into work today, where I scanned and e-mailed Mary's edited Getting Started Guide to her with general comments about the specific markup.

I got a haircut (I know, actually got 'em all cut), and used a dollar-off coupon.

Afterwards, I walked over to the post office where I mailed my rebate offer for $20 back on a $20.94 address label order. Love it.

I got 500 of these for next year's holiday cards and letters:

and 500 with my face on the left and my address on the right for "everyday" use.

I picked up Robert at Carmax, where he was leaving his car to have a warning light checked while we're gone for the weekend.

We had breakfast for dinner, which was quite yummy.

We met Joe out at Flex for Show Tunes night, where we enjoyed a few drinks, and lots of videos.

Chris (zinnian) and a guy we'd met earlier in the week, Brian, hung out with us some, as did Larry, peripherally.

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