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I spent a few hours at Helios today, and completed my edit of Mary's Getting Started Guide. Yay!

I stopped by 42nd Street Oyster Bar to get a gift certificate for Steve. It took too long for the manager to come out, who evidently was the only one who could sell me one using their antiquated filing box catalogue system. I'm just saying...

I walked around Lake Johnson today for the first time in a long, long time. I listened to this week's podcast of This American life, which overall, surprisingly, I found disappointing.

This American Life Holiday Spectacular

Join us as we oust those boring Christmas stories of yore. This year we bring you brand new holiday fables from David Sedaris, David Rakoff, Jonathan Goldstein, John Hodgman and Heather O'Neill. Plus a carol by Sarah Vowell and Marah. This Christmas, sleighbells ring ... are you listening?

Joe stopped by just before 7:00, where I opened his gifts for me, which were too many: a fifth of Canadian Club, a $25 gift certificate to iTunes, a $20 gift certificate to Panera Bread, a bag of Lindt White Chocolate Balls, and a tin containing three types of popcorn! My two gifts paled by comparison.

We met Steve at The Rockford for dinner, which was delicious. We split some spinach and artichoke dip, and I had the Mozzarella Cheese sandwich, which was yummy, if not overpriced at $7.25 for some cheese on bread.

The three of us stopped by Flex afterwards, where we had a couple of drinks, and played a couple of games of cut throat pool. Steve had the low balls — one through five; Joe had the middle balls — six through ten; and I had the high balls — eleven through fifteen.

We left at about 9:30, and I returned a little after 11:00 for Trailer Park Prize Night. Kevin (av8rdude) was back from Switzerland, and after getting holiday hugs from him and Kurt, they bought me a drink.

Betty Ford performed tonight, seemingly oblivious that her namesake husband lie in state halfway across the country. But I digress...



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