DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Editing, eating, grocery shopping, playing pool, and watching karaoke...

I spent the entire afternoon at Helios editing Mary's Getting Started Guide. It's not done, but it's close.

I stopped at Cameron Village on the way home, and got to K&W at 7:50, not realizing how close to their 8:00 closing time I was. There was plenty of food out still, though, and even as the only person going through at the last minute, I was served with smiles.

Shortly after I sat down Irene (iwc41) called to ask about the recipe for the Harry & David Onion & Pepper Relish Cream Cheese dip, which I was happy to relate.

We had a laugh about K&W not serving Sonoma Cutrer.

After that, I popped into the Harris Teeter, where my primary purchase was some cranberry sauce and gravy for tomorrow night's replay of most of my sister Vivian's Christmas day food, which I'll share with Robert.

At about 9:50, Chris (zinnian) called from Flex to make sure I was coming out. I was. And I did.

It wasn't very crowded for Scareyoke, but there were a few out of towners, or at least "irregulars," which made for an interesting night, at least in terms of hearing different people sing different songs.

Chris and I played three or four games of pool, which when it was all said and done, Chris had won more games than I had. When I put my first three quarters in, and racked, I ended up one ball short — the nine ball. We never could find it, and Richard ended up getting us an "extra one" from "the back."

Chris sang two songs — Losing My Religion and All My Ex's Live in Texas. He was pretty darn good. You go, zinnian!

He left at around 12:30, maybe, to take Eric home, and I left about 10 minutes after that — when Dave started singing Kodachrome. I hate that song. Always have.

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