DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Holiday letters, cards, and a drag show...

I spent the day (and night) writing my, what turned out to be six-page typed, holiday letter, and then addressing 54 envelopes for them. Then, I put on return address labels, stamped twenty of them with $.37 + $.02 stamps, and the other 34 with $.23 postage stamps, and put them aside.

I am bound and determined to use up the many, many old stamps that I have, both the first class ones and the postcard ones. More on that tomorrow.

Next, I wrote out about 32 cards, and put on return address labels as well as $.39 stamps. Ready to go.

BellSouth left a message today that they have fixed that hum that was on my line.

I got to Flex at about 12:10, and it was fairly festive for their Trailer Park Prize Night "Christmas Show."

Mary K. Mart hosted, and there were several drag queens performing tonight, which thankfully, reduced the number of, "Who wants a prize?" questions and the tedious calling of several ticket numbers that nobody ever seems to have.

I left there shortly before the show ended — when Mary said, "Who wants a grand prize?" I knew I didn't.

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