DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Community in Schools of Wake County meeting, a summer day in December, fish, chips, & cheap drinks..

I got up at 7:30, and left the house at 8:15 for an 8:30 meeting, which turned out to be, literally, within walking distance of my house.

This was a three-hour meeting for my Service-Learning job, during which I took notes (a.k.a. the minutes). Myra also took some, so that's comforting. At the break, I said, "I have six pages of notes, how many do you have?" Not that it was a competition or anything.

When we stepped outside after the meeting, it was like summer! Just beautiful.

I stopped by home, changed clothes, and headed over to Helios, where I spent the afternoon catching up my Thursday's and Friday's blog entries.

I checked in with Joe at just after 5:00 to see if he'd be interested in dinner, and after stopping by Whole Foods on Wade Avenue to pick up a birthday cake for tomorrow for a work colleague, he met me at Helios.

Once he arrived, we walked over to Hibernian for dinner, where we both enjoyed their award-winning Fish & Chips.

We walked back to Helios, got our cars, and drove over to $1.25 cocktails night at Flex, where we played three games of pool, of which during all three games, the cue ball returned to its own hole on the scratches. But I digress...

At about 10 until 8, we decided to go check out "Open Mic" night at the CC, but once we walked over there, saw all of the lights out, and no cars out in front of it, we crossed the road to read a notice hanging in the front window that said, "Closed tonight due to staff holiday party."

We called it a night.

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