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It's neither first NOR aid; discuss...

I started a half hour earlier this morning, so I could be at Snowmass when the lifts opened at 9:00. I was the only one at breakfast. Amanda was on duty.

I caught the bus at about 8:10, and was on the slopes at 9. What a beautiful morning! There was light powder on the slopes that weren't groomed, and the groomed ones were wonderful. I made "the first tracks" on many runs. And the trees up in the Elk Camp area were just postcard beautiful. Tall pines with snow dusted all upon them. It really looked like a black and white (green and white?) postcard.

I found a run, Gunners View, on that side of the mountain that was so fun, I did it three times in a row. At the end of the second run, I skied by two people who were going back and forth about what run to do next. I thought, "Thank God I'm here alone, and can do this run as many times as I want to without having to 'discuss it' with a ski partner."

Since I'd started so early in the day, I stopped at 11 for lunch. For some reason, my feet were cold today. I wore the same kind of socks (new ones I bought last year at the sporting good store) Thursday and Friday, and a different kind today. Today's look both thicker and warmer than the other ones, but they just didn't do the job. And it was warmer today than it was yesterday.

Speaking of the weather, it was in the mid-to-upper 30's today, and so beautifully sunny. Just a glorious day.

I did have a little mishap after lunch -- not pretty. I was going way fast and I lost control after going over a bumpy area. I went flying down, banged my head on the ground, my ski came flying off, came hurling forward and hit me in the head. I have two gashes in my scalp (and a little clump of hair ended up in my goggles somehow), and a little knot to one side on my forehead. Oh well. No stitches at least.

I stopped at the nearest lift and had them call First Aid, just to take a look, since it felt like there was a gash, but when I dabbed my fingers up there, there was no blood. Since I was skiing alone, I couldn't see, and I didn't want to find out at the end of the day that I had blood dripping down my forehead all afternoon. :-) The First Aid guy came, looked, and said, "No, everything looks fine. You're not seeing dark spots or anything are you?"

When I got back to my room, I checked the mirror, because it felt so raw there, and sure enough there was dried blood in two spots -- in my scalp, though, under the hair. Tawk amongst yaselves. I'll give you a topic, "First Aid" -- it's neither "first" NOR "aid" -- discuss. :-) Needless to say, I really took it easy for the rest of the day after that!

I stopped skiing at about 2:30, and caught the bus back to my hotel. There was a message on my machine from Ashish, inviting me to join him and Walt, for dinner and then out to one of the parties. I didn't return the call, thinking I may join them at the party later, but not for dinner. I have apprehensions about the party, however, because I'm sure it's going to be a circuit-party type gig, at which I will feel totally out of place.

I got in the jacuzzi, and it was wonderful! On my way back up to my room, I got an "alcohol prep pad" from the hotel's "First Aid" box to dab my head with.

I dialed into the Internet, checked e-mail (had the most heart-warming e-mail from Robert), and updated this journal. I sent e-mail to Robert telling him about my little mishap today. Shortly after 6 (my time) he called. I forgot he was working at the hospital today. He had read my e-mail right before leaving work and was calling to say, "Ouch!"

I went to "Little Annie's" for dinner, with the intention of getting one of their reknowned hamburgers. Once there, though, I saw the hot turkey and melted white cheddar on sourdough bread "Turkey Terrific" sandwich, and got that instead. It was quite yummy, and I forced myself to leave half of the thick-cut steak fries on the plate. I got coffee and a slice of homemade banana nut bread, of which I ate half. I took the other half home for breakfast in the morning.

Halfway during my dinner, these two "muscle-dudes" sat down at the table next to me. They were older guys, desperately trying to hang onto youth with huge buldging biceps and pecs, and tight, shiny black zipered-down-the-back shirts on. I thought, "These are just the type that will be at that dance tonight. No thank you." That clinched my decision to go back to the hotel instead of out.

Back at the room, I turned the television on for the second time since I've been here. They were reshowing the Golden Globes, so I left that on in the background while I packed. When I finished packing, I turned it off (just after Jack Nicholson's speech), and dialed back up to the Internet.

I checked all mails, and caught up this journal. I'm going to bed now. It's 10:15. I have to meet the van downstairs at 6:50. Great vacation!!!

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