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Richard in a box, a riveting ride home, a glorious nap, minimal dancing, and The Borough...

From grimpoch's blog via chasman's blog: (If you're at work, listen with headphones.)

At 9:30, we went down to the lobby to have some of the complimentary continental breakfast offered by the hotel until 10:00. There was a choice of coffee, juice, some mini-muffins and small pastries, and some bananas. Myra and I sat at a table by the glassed-in pool area and enjoyed.

We went upstairs, finished last minute packing, and were back downstairs by 10:00 to check out, at which time I noticed a slew of other breakfast stuff, such as toast, bagels, and waffles on the other side of the room — nowhere near the stuff we ate earlier.

Once again, in terms of traffic and hassles, we had an uneventful ride home. Myra told me a maybe 45-minute- to an hour-long story about how her divorce came about, which was just riveting.

We stopped at an Arby's for lunch, where we tried to use North Carolina Arby's coupons in Virginia, which was a-big-no-ma'am-ticket. The lady was real nice about it, however, and offered us some of their own coupons for future use, which we declined, since while Arby's is good, it's not all that to ride a couple of hours to Virginia to use some coupons.

The last hour-and-a-half of the ride was a little tiring on the eyes, as, though we were purportedly driving south (I-85 South) we were facing into the sun, actually it looked like just north of the sun, during that last stretch. I'd say we were actually traveling Northwest.

I took a two-hour nap when I got home. Glorious.

We had the minimal number of dancers tonight (four — Carl, Chris, Robert, and myself), and even though it wasn't at all crowded in there, Brigner stopped the dancing at 10:20. "Everyone is waiting to see the Madonna videos," was his explanation.

Okay, after the videos started, I looked around the bar and saw exactly two people watching the TV screens. But I'm not bitter...

And those two people were Lesbians. I only note that because rarely, rarely, rarely do Lesbians come to this bar, except for on karaoke nights and Trailer Park Prize Nights.

I went over and introduced myself to them, because I wanted to make sure they felt welcome. I met Mary and Phyl, and they said they were there because just love Madonna. I'm quite sure that if I were a Lesbian, I, too, would love Madonna.

We stayed probably an hour or so after dancing, and then went over to the CC, where we ran into Shawn and Josh, who after just a little while there, dragged us over to their place, which is one of those totally expensive places popping up downtown, and was, in fact, literally, just across the street.

We went into the restaurant that's on the bottom floor of their building, it's called The Borough, where we met Van and Adam. We had killer, killer appetizers there and a couple of cocktails, all for which Shawn and Josh generously picked up the tab.

We went upstairs to see their place — just beautiful. We probably spent about an hour up there, and then headed home.

A fun evening.

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