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A holiday party and a nerd fiesta...

I worked for a couple of hours at my Service-Learning job today. Myra and Alissa were in the office, mostly planning their immersions for their Spring class.

I picked up Robert at his mama's house, and we stopped by Cameron Village on the way home, where I bought cream cheese and chips for the chip and dip I brought to the parties tonight.

Next, we stopped at Blockbuster, where we returned Sick and Tired, and picked up two $15 gift cards for the party gift exchange this evening.

At home, I mixed up two batches of dip, and packed up all of my "nerd crap" (including my iPod Lamp) to take to party #2, which was called a "Nerd Fiesta."

We picked up Van, and headed out to Morrisville to Carl and Bill's party. The gate wouldn't open in spite of entering the code at least five times in at least three different ways, and pressing a myriad of other buttons on the panel there were neither marked nor lit. Discuss.

We drove in the "out gate," which was propped wide open.

Carl's and Bill's place was really nice, impeccably decorated in terms of furnishings, and festively seasonally decorated, including two Christmas trees.

In attendance: Bill, Carl, Terry (a friend of theirs from Charlotte), Geromy, Chris, Michael, (Michael's) Terry, Steven, (his boyfriend) Jamie, Craig, Todd, Sean (or Shawn?), and their friend Mark.

After about a half hour, we hi-jacked their music system with my iPod and Bose iPod SoundDock, and we had fun playing "guess the artist," and swapping my iPod out with Chris' for some "diversity of sound."

After a fun round of gift exchanges from which I ended up with a CD called Chanticleer: Sing We Christmas, which is a capella music that I'm excited about. Robert ended up with a box of Lindt chocolates.

My first gift was a three-pack, which consisted of: (1) a set (like 6 pair) of scissors, (2) (maybe 4) sets of pliers, and (3) a set of 3 Tupperware containers. A huge surprise to me — someone actually stole it (part of the "game), and I got the CD. Thank goodness.

We left there, I dropped Robert off at home, and went to the Nerd Fiesta. Well, there couldn't be more dissimilar parties juxtaposed to each other on the same evening.

First of all, the first thing you saw (or, rather, heard, and then saw as you stepped in a little further) was a DJ playing the music for the party. The place was teeming with folks, lots of young folks, too.

I took over the kid's playroom, which was right off the front hallway, as it's really the room that is meant to be a "formal living room." I set up "Nerd Central," while several "kids" be-bopped in and out, saying, "Man, what are you doing?" and "Wow, how cool," and the ever-popular, brief and succinct, "Word."

Below are a couple of pictures of, perhaps, the biggest nerd at the party (though I do understand that before I arrived, someone was there with a π t-shirt on.)

Right before snapping the picture, with my own gadgets on and around me, a couple of people threw their portable electronic gadgets (e.g., flashdrives and iPod Nanos and Shuffles) on the floor next to me.

The pictures are not very good, but (1) in all fairness to the photographer, the lighting was pretty poor, and (2) I didn't take them. Let's play, "Can you find the one difference in these two pictures?"

In the first picture, the iPod music is coming out of the Bose speaker. In the second picture, it's coming out of the iPod Lamp. Talk amongst yourselves.

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