DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Creative advertising, book club, editing, Wanda redux, and some booger drag...

From a stumbleupon website for creative advertising around the world. A cool way a watch maker let's you see how their watches will look on your wrist before you buy one. These are on a bus at the airport, where I'm sure you can conveniently buy one once inside at the duty-free shops.

I worked from home this morning, editing away, and drove into IBM for lunch with the book club at noon.

Present today were Suzanne, Janet, and myself. Suzanne got to vent about her parents' situation, which does nothing but deteriorate, and get more complicated by the update. I feel for her.

She told a funny story about "sleeping issues" at her house.

I had a good conversation with my writer — on the phone — about prioritizing the work I have left to do for her, and about the deadlines. We've worked together for several months now, but this is the first time we've ever talked by phone. We usually instant message. She sounded a little butch. Which, I'm guessing is about as close to "sounding gay" that women can get.

I left the office at about 2:15, stopped by Service-Learning to pick up a bag of "Holiday goodies," which were made/baked last night at the party at Alissa's that I missed. Affirmation note: being "included" even though I didn't make it to the event.

I got to Helios at about 3:00, and worked the rest of the afternoon from there.

Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt joined me after a little while, and we were each caught up in our own little electronic worlds for the next three hours or so.

Joe and I met at Kevin's place where the three of us plus Kurt (and eventually Jace and Eric) watched Wanda Syke's Sick and Tired. Very funny once again.

After the video, Me, Joe, Kevin and Kurt met at Helios for a cup of coffee before it closed, Kevin took Kurt home, and Joe and I headed to Trailer Park Prize Night at Flex.

We're not going to talk about the rat — the biggest one Joe has ever seen — run across the sidewalk just outside the back door of Helios.

Alexis Perry hosted the show, and the only thing memorable is some song Winniebago sang that had the words "life" all in it, during which she opened a box of Life cereal and toward the end of the song, just flung the contents of all across the audience.

After the song, the prize they gave away at the next drawing was the game of life.

After getting home, a comb run through my hair produced a sink full of bits and pieces of Life cereal. The bastards.

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