DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Paper's done, lotsa dancers, few bar patrons, and new attitude beat, and pondering a life question..

I worked the entire day on finishing my paper by 5:00, which I did — barely. I wasn't able to get it to the professor's office by 5:00, but I e-mailed him an electronic copy of it to show him that it was done, and told him I'd drop off a printed copy in the morning.

I took the final copy to Kinkos, where I had it bound — with the plastic, spiral spring as the binder — looks pretty good if I may say so myself.

Dancing was fun tonight in terms of dancers. Present were: Carl, Bill, Chris (zinnian), Geromy, Ernie, Michael, Steven, and "those three guys who came last week" — the names of two of them are Todd and Scott (I think it's Scott), however I don't know which one is which. And no one has ever introduced the third one of them to me.

In terms of bar patrons, the place was absolutely deserted.

We did the Backstreet Attitude dance to a new song, which was just awesome — a perfect "beat" match.

Geromy had gone to some website that tells you the BPM of songs, found Backstreet (the song we do the dance to), got its BPM count, and then searched for other songs in that same genre with the same BPM. Voilà

I saw an unattended police car today with the laptop screen just a-glowing in it. I wondered, "If someone stole that, to whom would they report the crime?" These are life's tough questions...

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