DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Secrets "down there," survey participants break 100, Heliosing, dinner out, and dancing...

It's riotous stuff like this that makes me want to rethink not having a television for almost five years now.

NEW YORK -- In response to a revealing paparazzi picture, Rosie O'Donnell wants Britney Spears to start wearing underwear and to stop hanging out with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Spears has been photographed more than once lately without underpants. The paparazzi has gotten an eyeful a couple times as Spears got out of vehicles and spread her legs in full view of cameras.

O'Donnell said on "The View" that Spears should move in with her, her partner Kelli and their kids so she could have a "stable family around her."

Co-host Joy Behar doesn't think that's a good idea because she said Spears would be a "bad influence" on the kids. O'Donnell disagreed.

Barbara Walters asked O'Donnell if Spears does move in, "Are you going to get her to wear underwear?"

Spears and Hilton spent most of the holiday week partying at one hot spot or another -- bombarded by photographers. At one point, Lohan was with them, and another time it was the Olsen twins. Sometimes Spears brought along her son Sean Preston when they went shopping.

Spears has now joined Lohan and Hilton in getting caught without underwear by the paparazzi.

O'Donnell said Victoria's Secret should send them all some panties because "they need to be kept a secret down there."

I slept in today.

While having some coffee and a bagel, I watched my survey respondent count jump from 64 to 80, thanks to my LJ friend bratman, who made the URL available on a listserv or two, and to some of his friends. Thank you, Will!

I got to Helios at around 2:00, and Kevin (av8rdude) joined me shortly thereafter. Eventually, I had lunch there, trying their tuna sandwich, which was pretty darn good.

I kept procrastinating doing my work for Service-Learning, but eventually got started on it, and then immediately got stuck, so put a call in to Myra.

In the meantime, my respondent count broke the 115 mark! Way cool!

I left Helios at about 6:40, and joined Joe for dinner at Two Guys on Hillsborough Street. Kevin and Kurt joined us after a few minutes. Joe and I split a pizza, Kevin had the stromboli, and Kurt had the Chicken Cacciatore, I believe.

There was drama with our waiter(s), as our "real" one was in training (his first night there), and the other one was trying to help him out.

Dancing was dead tonight. Kevin and Kurt showed up, so I stayed a little late with them singing some songs.

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