DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Questionnaire development completion, God cleans his whiteboards, and a stop at Helios...

Haircut Of The Year

I was up at 9:00 today, and spent most of the day putting the final touches on my "Sounding Gay" survey for my final paper in ENG 525 Variety in Language.

I got to school at about 5:30, and the class that meets in the room we meet in at 6:00 was still in there. I took a seat next to a girl from my class who was already there and sitting on the bench outside the classroom door. Unfortunately, I don't know her name.

She immediately went off on how bad our professor is, whom she has for not just this, but yet another class this semester. She said that she had gone all the way to the dean of the College of Management to complain about what a dreadful teacher he is.

Their answer? "Yes, we know. He's not the best communicator." Understatement of fucking time immortal.

In one of our classes earlier in the semester someone, presumably a professor, who also uses this room we meet in, left a passive-aggressive note on the whiteboard about erasing it when you're through.

Tonight, I walked into the room before the teacher teaching the previous class had left, and he asked as I was plugging in my laptop, "Are you in a class next in this classroom, or are you just here using the outlet?"

"No, I'm in this class."

He continued, "What are you learning in this class?"

I said, "Well, it's a linguistics course, but as far as learning anything..."

"So it isn't a religion class or anything? You're not studying God or the bible in here?"

I replied, "Oh no. I can assure you we're not talking about God in here."

"Oh," he said, "I was just wondering because someone who uses this room can't be bothered to erase the whiteboard, or if they do, they don't do it very well. There's always stuff about religion and the bible left on there. The other day, some of the word "God" was still showing and I wrote after it, "...would have erased the whiteboard after using it."

Well, that just cracked me up. Meet Mr. Passive-Aggressive.

I'm guessing it didn't occur to him that us using the classroom after him (and meeting only once a week) would infinitely minimize the chances that it was our class notes still on the board at the beginning of his class.

I worked on my weekend blog entries at Helios after class, while enjoying a Single Skinny Iced Caramella.

Dr. Brad came in, and he and I had a very interesting conversation about my "Sounding Gay" research.

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