DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Please help with my research paper!

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help!

From the perspective of the study of sociolinguistics, there is only a small body of work around the idea of "sounding gay" — both in terms of what that means, and how it is learned (or not).

The phenomenon has been studied, again linguistically, with varying amounts of research from these angles: phonological variation, grammatical variation, standard speech, lexicon, discourse, and paralanguage. As a project for my ENG 525 Variety in Language class, I am collecting more data to pass on to linguistic majors doing research in this area as part of their master's or PhD programs.

If you'd be willing to help advance the research on this important topic, please do so by responding to my survey. The main audience of the survey is gay men, but it contains a way to identify your sexual orientation, and responses from everyone will be accepted.

The survey consists of 56 questions, most of which have multiple choice answers, and is completely confidential and anonymous. I'm estimating 10-150 minutes to respond if that helps you plan if, or when, to take it. I hope you will.

If you have gay male friends you think would be interested in taking it, please feel free to pass the survey URL on to them, or if you are a member of a listserv or other electronic community comprised predominately of gay men, again, please feel free to pass the survey URL on to them. In fact, I would appreciate it very much.

Survey URL: http://ceres.cals.ncsu.edu/surveybuilder/Form.cfm?testID=3197

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