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A clean kitchen, four guys @ Two Guys, tasks @ Helios, a Verizon call, and scareyoke...

Robert had coffee brewing this morning when I woke up. Sweet.

He swept, vacuumed, and mopped my kitchen floor before leaving. He also vacuumed the living room and entryway, because I can see that the leaves and debris that were in that area are gone. I suspect that he did the downstairs bathroom as well. Thank you sweet, sweet man.

I met Joe at Two Guys, where we saw two other guys we know, (Target) Joe and (Helpline) Arthur. They sat across the room from us, and joined us for a few minutes when they were done with their meal. It was Target Joe's birthday.

Joe and I each had a house salad, Joe had a pizza and I had a Stromboli. It was all good.

It smelled so clean when I entered my place back at home. Love that!

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at Helios at around 4:30.

I took Western-to-Boylan-to-Helios instead of my usual Western-to-Ashe-to-Hillsborough-to-St. Mary's-to-Tucker-to-Boylan-to-Helios as I wanted to find the TCW office, which is at 410 N. Boylan.

I have been putting off dropping off some of their materials that Jan asked me for months ago, because I wasn't sure where their new office was. Turns out it's the white building right behind Helios! I can't tell you how many times I've parked in the parking spots to that building. Crazy.

I spent about 3.5 hours at Helios where I did two work related tasks that should have been done on Friday, or technically Thursday, since I only work on Tuesdays and Thursdays:
  • I devised an e-mail to Chris answering some questions he had on Information Development & Design and ISO.

  • I summarized my 2006 accomplishments for my annual contribution appraisal.
It can't be good to be late to your manager with your summary of annual accomplishments.

At home, I called Verizon Wireless to get my voice mail problem fixed. Seems that when my friends call me, if my phone is off, all goes well. If it's on, however, and I don't answer, they get an error when it tries to transfer into voice mail.

After working my way through all of the menus on the VRU, I got a recording that said:

"All of our representatives are currently busy at this time."

At this time is redundant in this sentence. Currently means at this time. "All of our representatives are currently busy," is all that's needed. Thanks.

The first person who helped me had me try a variety of *#### combinations to "clear everything out." All of them failed to fix the problem. She transferred me to "Dan" in some other department, and he did something else. That worked.

I sent an e-mail to Joe and Kevin (av8rdude) that said:

As Alexis Perry or Burst Cherry might say, "Okay you bitches, my voice mail is fixed." I told them that my friends were getting belligerent to the point of threatening not to call me anymore if Verizon didn't fix this.

Today's affirmation comes in the form of a thank-you card:

Dear John,

Thanks so much for the mixing bowl. We put it to good use while making dinner tonight. Your presence certainly made our party that much funnier and friendlier. Hopefully, you'll be willing to come visit again when we have real furniture.

E-Ching & David

I met Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt out at Flex for scareyoke. Once again, it was Dustin's "last day." Whatever.

I played a couple of games of pool by myself. Shortly after Kevin and Kurt arrived, Eric (innoman) made a guest appearance. He was rather quiet tonight.

In the middle of Karaoke, two drag numbers were performed — why, don't ask me. Ms. Swamp Pussy 2006 (Eric Mims) did a number, and of course Busted Cherry had to get in on the act right afterwards. Lame.

During one country song, Tommy was kicking his boots making loud noises with his heals on the stage where the pool table is, purportedly as some kind of dance. Everyone was looking at him with that, "Are you high, Clarice?" look. Of course, he was oblivious, because in his own mind, he's a legend of cool and masculinity.

Right at about midnight, Kevin, Kurt, and Eric left for Legends. At about 12:20, I drove over there.

I gave about $4.00 worth of tips each to Raven Simone, whose most dangerous gymnastic move tonight was a cartwheel, and Coti Collins who did the Reba song — Why Haven't I Heard From You.

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