DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A poster session workshop, service-learning work, and class...

I took the 9:11 bus to the Talley Student Center to attend a Poster Session Workshop from 10:00 – 11:30.

The session was well-attended, very informative, and interesting. As a result, I have enrolled in NR 610T, a one credit hour graduate course called "Effective Scientific Posters," for the Spring '07 semester!

I caught the bus back home.

I got back on the bus at about 1:20, and got to the Service-Learning office at just after 2:00, where I worked until 5:00.

I worked all afternoon on summarizing, into themes and then patterns, responses to five questions discussed by the attendees of a meeting with the Provost in October.

I walked over to Winston Hall for class.

As usual, class totally sucked. I received my Interview Analysis paper back, for which I earned a big fat, solid B.

Tonight (actually earlier in the day via e-mail), he gave us a "bonus question," which we can use to get up to 10 points of extra credit on the disaster mid-terms. I don't even understand the question, much less know the answer. I hate this fucking class.

Guess what we did tonight in class? Yes, copied his scratchy hand-written notes from the whiteboard into our notebooks. Learning at its most interesting, engaging, and effectiveness. Not!

Once home, I worked for two hours completing the themes and patterns work for Service-Learning, and at 12:30AM, I e-mailed them to Myra and Patti.

I actually got through the entire evening remembering to not eat. My physical is at 7:15 tomorrow morning.

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