DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

An unsettling unconference, Stephenie's service, dancing, and too much drinking...

Today I helped with the STC Carolina Community's The NEW Web: An Unconference, held at the NCSU Student Center from 9:00 – 6:00.

Five others of us from our STC Student Community arrived to help out: Lee Ann, Milton, John Williams, Kim, and Sarah. We taped signs to the ground (yes, on the ground, with tape) leading from the parking deck to the student center, helped bring boxes of food and materials upstairs, and then directed people to the elevator while telling them that conference registration was on the fourth floor in "the Green room."

After a while, we got silly with the "un" thing, and started saying things like, "Has it unstarted yet?" and "You're unwelcome." After Kim's presentation, I said, "That was very uninteresting."

This conference, to me, was just okay, but it was free. As an ESFJ, I prefer a little more structure in my conferences, which of course would make it a conference and not an unconference. I found the lack of agenda, let's just say, unnerving.

Robert filled me in on Stephenie's service as we got ready, and drove, to dancing.

Dancing was fun tonight, though before it was all said and done, we had had way too many shots — blow jobs and .

At the end of dancing, I went to make a note on a piece of paper by the door, and an older guy came up to me and said, "I just want you to know that I'm very envious of your dancing."

"That's very kind. I appreciate it," I replied. And I do — always appreciate compliments on my dancing.

We stumbled on over to CCs later in the evening, saw Joe-Joe, spent a little bit of time in the piano lounge, where we caught two songs from Wicked — one I loved (For Good), and the other one (Wonderful), really wasn't.

A fun night, albeit with too much alcohol involved.

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