DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Packing for Aspen...

I was hyper-productive at work today, working all morning on my book. I also got an EAGLE communique out, which had to go out before I left for vacation due to some events coming up this weekend.

We had great discussion about READ MY LIPS at MSBC today. Everyone had done their reading assignment, and had their responses to the discussion questions prepared. It will be interesting to see (if) attitudes change during the course of the book and the discussion. Susanne gave me my birthday gift, which is a delightful children's book by Harvey Feirstein called, The Sissy Duckling. Janet gave me my Christmas gift, which was very, very funny -- a box of Queer (play on Cheer) soap, and a body lotion called, "Queen Cream." The writing on the sides of both of these boxes is hilarious. I plan to have them "out" at Jeff's party.

Our department meeting was fairly interesting for a few reasons: 1) Brian G. presented, and I have to admit I had visions of him at the rec center working out, 2) one of the presenters, Ilana, at the end of her presentation when asked about contact information said, "Well, I'm only going to be here two more weeks (she's moving to Alaska to raise, and race sled dogs), and 3) the potential and future of "DITA" was interesting. When Mathis was asked if he needed any time on the agenda near the end, he said, "No. This is too interesting. Keep going; I'll send what I have by e-mail." About two minutes after this, he got up and left the room. That interesting, huh? Sometimes, I don't know what that man is thinking. However, to his credit, he did stop by my office and say, "When you get back from Aspen, let's jump, right away, on working on your skills to get you where we want you for this year." He is making an effort.

I got home just after six, and right after I got in the door Robert returned from K-Mart. What a sweet man. He had bought a replacement bulb for me for my dining room chandelier, saw that it was brighter than the others, thought that might bother me, and had returned the package. Turns out he'd gone to several stores today to find those bulbs. He is so sweet! We ate dinner at K&W in Cameron Village.

Back at the house, Robert read, and I packed. Afterward, I composed and sent e-mail to Mason about getting started on the Foster Parenting Seminar feedback survey, including suggested contact for the form. I'm hoping he'll "just run with it." After that, I worked on the TCW January Board Meeting Minutes, which took me until about 11:15. We have so many action items to do!

I helped Robert finish a crossword puzzle (just two answers), and then he helped me "relax" (MMMMMMMMM!). I feel asleep just after 1:00AM. The alarm is set for 5AM.

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