DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Worked from home, submitted application, some shopping, and not participating in Halloween...

I worked from home today.

I got to the post office with 10 minutes to spare to drop off my application to Sigma Tau Chi. At some point during the day today, it dawned on me that those are the Greek letters for STC; hence the name of the STC honor fraternity. Doh!

I went shopping and spent nearly $200 at Target. To me, that's binge shopping — not in the sense that I got things I don't need, but in the sense of doing it all at once.

Two of the more interesting items were:

An iLamp for my guest bedroom nightstand!
A set of Motorola MD7151 Model Phone Set for all over the house.

While out shopping, I stopped at Red Lobster for dinner.

There were two couples sitting in the booth adjacent to mine, and the father (40ish) says to his son (25ish), "I'll tell you what's fun to do. Every time a pretty girl walks in here, watch the guys in the place. Their eyes will lock on her, and just follow her around the restaurant. Every one of them. Watch them."

I wanted to shout, "You moron! My eyes wouldn't follow her. Unless she had a hunky husband on her arm."

I hate it went my reality is not even considered, much less acknowledged.

I also would have loved to ask, "So why wouldn't you just watch the women, too — instead of looking at the men? Huh? Huh? Like watching men do you? Huh?"

But I bitterly digress...

I got home at about 8:00, and while checking my mail before going in, saw some Trick or Treaters. I immediately turned of all the lights inside and outside my house as soon as I got in.

At one point, I used the bathroom in my bedroom, which has a window in the front of my house. Some twit rang my doorbell not two seconds after I turned on the light entering the bathroom. I ignored it as by then, I was otherwise indisposed, or disposing as it were.

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