DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Red Hat usability, feedback analysis, not into dancing, and cell phones don't float...

I participated in a usability test at Red Hat today, providing them feedback on a new consumer shopping section of their website. For my time, they paid me 50 bucks. It took less than 30 minutes. And they fed me pizza, to boot.

I worked at State in the afternoon, beginning with an analysis of feedback from a recent conference. There was data from two sessions, and about 5 topics from each session. My job is to organize the feedback into themes, and then look for patterns across all of it. I got through the first topic of the first session.

We also had a nice lunch while reflecting on Saturday's trip to the Food Bank. All of us — Myra, me, Allissa, and Patti — participated, and I learned a lot about the immersion program and its goals and objectives.

I really wasn't into dancing tonight, and became less so as the night progressed. I didn't dance at all the last 30 minutes.

On the one hand it's nice to have people concerned. On the other hand, it's tiresome having people asking you "what's wrong" every time you're not 100% "on."

I stopped drinking early into the night, and got a large Ginger Ale just before leaving, which I ended up taking with me.

I had a half-finished bottle of water in the front cup holder, and set my Ginger Ale cup in the back one. I opened my console, took out my phone, checked for messages, and then dropped it into the second cup holder, which is always empty.

Plop. Cell phones don't float in Ginger Ale.

My phone seemed to be working fine, until, at home, when I plugged it in to recharge, the display read, "Unauthorized charger."

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