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Tara laughs...

I had a great weekend. Robert came over Friday night. We had some hot dogs with "Nick's" sauce. I was responsible for Games Night, so we went in time to open the doors at 7:30. We had a decent crowd. Robert and I played Dominoes most of the night. David Lee joined us, as did "evil" Matt eventually. I collected $18 in donations.

We had a great day Saturday hiking in Umstead Park. We did the 4.1 "moderate" hike on the "Old Mill Trail," "Company Mill Trail?" something like that. It was a good workout, the weather was wonderful, and Robert was carefree and happy in his element -- nature. He played, he ran, and he laughed. He's beautiful like that.

We stopped by the Farmer's Market after the hike and ate at the Seafood Restaurant there. Shrimp sandwiches with fries and hush-puppies. Yum. We walked around the Farmer's Market, bought a cantaloupe, some fudge, some sugar-coated almonds, and some tomatoes.

While we were gone James was here, and painted the laundry room doors. They look great!

We ran out to Harris Teeter to get some fresh Mozzerella, to put with the tomatoes on some bread triangles, with some balsamic vinegar on top. YUM. We had a late dinner of hot dogs (again!) and steak fries.

Robert brought his television and VCR over so we could watch, together, one of his favorite movies of all time. I couldn't remember what it was, though I remember him telling me he watched it right when we first met -- for about the hundredth time. :-)

We watched some tape comedy that he had -- some hilarious gay character, named "Bobby," I think, from some comedy show that I'm not familiar with. It was VERY funny.

Then he started his movie -- Harold & Maude. It was great. I really enjoyed it, and thought a lot during the movie, this is SO HIM; I can see why it appeals so much to him.

We woke up at about 9 on Sunday, and got out of bed around 10. We went to Finch's for breakfast, which was yum, and where we discussed our relationship, and "where we go from here." We ran into Jay and Allen on the way out.

Back at the house, we put on David Sedaris' "Holidays on Ice," and listened to the Santaland Diaries story. Afterward, we watched a little more of Robert's taped comedy, and then the end of Barbara Streisand's TIMELESS tour.

Robert left around 2:00. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I met Gregor at Third Place at around 3:45. We had a fun chat, as usual. What a fun, nice guy. At round, maybe, 6:30 or 7, Santiago and David came in! We had a real fun chat with them, David catching us all up on Tara - OMG - and then on his skating stories. He is so animated and fun. Santiago is so sexy. They're going on the cruise!

I drove Gregor home, and stopped to see his place. He's real husband material! He has some beautiful artwork. We had a nice chat on his front steps. I'm glad he's in my life. "Thank God for Gregor."

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