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Panera Bread, a LiveJournal class, Irene to J'ville, it's a rap, and scareyoke...

Irene and I went to Panera Bread, where I had a bagel, and she had lunch. We spent a couple of hours there, during which I gave her a tutorial on LiveJournal.

From there, I took her to the airport, where she picked up a Nissan Xterra at Enterprise Car Rental.

She headed out to Jacksonville at about 3:00.

I've made my rap available on the web. Before you listen, this is what you need to know about it to understand any of it:
  • It's about the Society for Technical Communication's Benefit Rock Concert that we put on at the Brewery on Sunday, October 8th.

  • Milton Hawes is the person who initiated the idea with The Brewery and did most of the organizational work.

  • Milton is a member of a local rock group called Sons of Gonder.

  • The Brewery is a dive in Raleigh with a cement floor.

  • A nonprofit called Source Force, which supports people living in poverty with HIV and AIDS, was the beneficiary of this event.

  • Over the past two months, in two different venues, our group has been called the Society for Technical Supporters and the Society for Technical Commuters.

  • To advertise the event, one morning a group of us painted two sections of the Free Expression Tunnel, and wrote ads with big, fat pieces of chalk on "The Brickyard" at NCSU

  • "The Pirate," who was involved in a big brouhaha in NCSU student government politics in the Spring of 2005, was the "host" of our benefit.

  • After paying for the venue, we raised a grand total of $94 for Source Force.

  • Afterwards, The Brewery told us that we'd done great, that no other group had ever made money hosting a benefit on a Sunday afternoon.
Note: I had no idea that my rap persona had a (fleeting) New York accent.

Click here to listen.

My man Milton is the boss
He came thru without a loss

He went walkin' down the brewery
And said who in the world are you-er-y.

I'm a son of gonder, and my mind it likes to wander

Like my feet down in this cold cement, but it don't lament, i see a big event
the bands a gonna rock, don't stop, hip-hop, don't call a cop

people'll come to support the cause, and milton hawes
the laws they wont' be broken compassionate words will be spoken

'bout the source and the force, of course, lots of discourse
gonna help our friends in poverty with HIV -- and AIDS that trades on fear, not here

just good friends, a society of communicators
not supporters, not commuters - just some big word users

got it all together worked in paint, didn't faint, worked in chalk didn't balk
walked all over campus putting flyers up to chant us

it all came to a head they said the pirate lead
us through the day on sunday, a fun day, and now a done day.

Milton is the man, the STC can, made some money for the man, I'll be damned.

I met Joe and Kevin at Flex for Scareyoke. Same old. Same old.

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