DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Extermination and a tedious class...

I wanted to get to State to finish up the newsletter today, but instead of my exterminator getting here closer to the 3:00 end of the promised time slot, he didn't get here until close to 5:00. I hate when I'm on the tail end of a two-hour slot.

I got to class a little early tonight, and decided to try and lower the arm to the projector that's been blocking my view for seven weeks of the semester now, which the teacher tried to do the first night and couldn't figure out. I pushed the only button that's near the arm and lowered the arm. Two people sitting around me audibly gasped.

If I'd've had two pencils in my book bag, I might have poked my eyes out tonight. Fortunately for me, I only had one, and it hasn't been sharpened in a while. The only saving grace to the tediousness of this class is that I've dropped the other one.

About halfway through the class tonight, I started copying the copious board notes on my laptop instead of by hand into a notebook. This seemed to help my attitude immensely. However, when he started writing shit using these symbols:

it was a problem. My keyboard does not contain those symbols (not that it really matters as I can't remember what any of the sounds they are trying to portray are anyway), and there's no time while taking notes with Word to do Insert > Symbol and try to find them.

We are still about two weeks behind the syllabus, and we have a midterm next week. He's not going to include on the midterm what we haven't been able to cover yet in class. Thank goodness for that.

Class ran over by about 10 minutes tonight, which was irritating. Three hours of that dribble is long enough.

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