DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A locked hall, Helios outside, a haircut, and dancing...

I stopped by Clark Hall today to finish up the newsletter, hoping the hallway door on the 4th floor wouldn't be locked. I never found out if it was or wasn't, as the main doors to even get in the building were locked. Oh well, so much for doing anything on the weekends there.

I drove down to Helios, where I worked on Wednesday's and Thursday's blog entries.

After I was there for about 30 minutes, Kevin (av8rdude) called about meeting me down there. "I'm already here," I said. And he came over in joined me.

We moved outside when he arrived, as they were clearing the place out for a Sierra Club fundraising event. It was a beautiful day — just a little crisp, but not cool. Loved it out there.

I left there at 5:00, and stopped at CostCutters at Avent Ferry Road for a haircut.

The lady who cut my hair yammered through the entire haircut — mostly about living in this neighborhood for over 30 years, and about how much it's changed.

She is obese, and she talked about walking to work from her house, which is basically across the street, and she said she's tried a couple of times, "but there's the hill on my road — it's straight up like this," she indicated with her hand in a vertical slant.

I walk this route all the time, and I'm thinking, "Steep hill?" I drove home that way. "Girl, you need to walk some more if you think that's a 'steep' hill."

We spoke briefly about dying my hair, and surprisingly she mentioned "Just for Men."

I said, "Yeah, but that stuff's like blood pressure medicine. Once you start; you can't stop."

I got to dancing at about 8:15, and there were about two other people in the bar besides me, Van, and Adam.

Van and I played three games of pool — he won the first two games, and I won the third. For some reason they were having free pool all night long tonight.

Tonight's dancers consisted of me, Robert, Carl, Bill, Steven, Ricky for one or two dances, and Adam for one or two dances. There was more bitching about dancing to new songs, but it seems to be getting better.

Robert and I "closed down" the country dancing with a waltz, as "the boys" started dragging the tables out on to the dance floor in the middle of it.

Robert and I stayed for about 15 minutes after the music switched to "dance music," which is when we stop dancing. Don't ask.

At home, we did an Indy crossword puzzle, which was just challenging enough.

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