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Into the office, editing away, dropping COM598M, it's a rap...

I went into my (IBM) office today, and the traffic in was absolutely, incredibly ridiculous.

I edited Mary Mahoney's help panels from 9:00 until 11:00, then listened in on the 11:00 to noon "professional vitality" session for editors, with today's presentation about "Remote Editing."

In the afternoon, I edited about 35 help panels from the India writers. Productive day.

Today I received an e-mail from my professor with some "advice" on how to handle the fact that my project partner is not participating. Her advice was incredulous to me.

I dropped the course.

I took advantage of the "found time" to create a rap.

I mentioned on Sunday that I was surprisingly enamored with the two rap groups that performed, and I think that, with rap being all about "words," we, as technical communicators ought to be naturally attracted to it.

Some context to the rap I created:
  • Milton Hawes is the name of our STC board member who organized the rock benefit, to which the rap refers.
  • Milton is a member of the "Sons of Gondor" rock band, one of the bands that performed in the benefit.
  • We actually made money at this benefit, which, according to the folks at The Brewery (where we had it), they typically don't.
  • The name of the charity we raised money for was Source Force. They provide support to people who are living in poverty with HIV and AIDS.
  • Our organization, the Society for Technical Communication, has recently been called both the "Society for Technical Supporters" and the "Society for Technical Commuters."
  • Before the concert, several of us chalked "ads" on The Brickyard at State, and painted a wall in The Free Expression Tunnel advertising the benefit.
  • The former, infamous Pirate was the emcee of the benefit.

Here's the audio (.wav) file, and here's the text of it.

All that is to say: "It was fun to make."
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