DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

STC October newsletter and ENG 525 Variety in Language...

I got to my office in Clark Hall at about 12:30, and worked for four hours on the October edition of the STC newsletter that I'm putting together. Got it in a real nice place.

Allysa, or is it Allisa, came into the office for a couple of hours, but otherwise it was deserted. Myra and Patti are traveling on business this week.

I left the office at about 4:30, and caught the 4:50 bus home, where I grabbed a quick bite, and then drove to class.

Tonight's class was as excruciating as ever, and it ended with a strong desire to get out the razor blades and use them vertically.

We ran almost 20 minutes over, while the professor showed us, up in the lab, what we need to do with these transcripts we're going to be analyzing. Tedious. Tedious. Tedious.

People just looked at him when he said, with regards to the approximate 10 minutes of interviews we're going to have to listen to and cut and paste the text from a transcript file onto a voice file matching them up, "I've found that I complete about 1 minute an hour."

Okay. That's 10 hours — at least — for us.  And you've been doing this for how long??? We have to do that exercise, and then write a 5-page paper on the linguistic patterns and anomalies used by the speaker.

By the end of the evening, I still hadn't heard from Ruffin about our project, nor from Chris with the copy of his presentation that he committed last class to have to me by Sunday, so I could "mesh" it with mine.

As Dr. Silva would say, "You might just work at different paces." Yeah, I work at a pace to actually get the assignment done. My bad.

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