DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The October STC newsletter...

I drove over to the Food Lion on Avent Ferry, and caught the bus to campus. I arrived at Clark Hall at about 10:30, where I started work on the October edition of the STC newsletter.

After a while, a new person in the department, Elizabeth, arrived. Her task today was to transcribe a talk attended by, presumably, Myra and Patti. Play 10 seconds. Stop. Type. Rewind. Play again. Verify. Edit. Replay a final time. Next section.

I worked on the newsletter for nine hours, with a break at lunch to eat in the student dining room in the building, and finally leaving the office at 7:30PM.

Early afternoon, both Myra and Allisa arrived. Full house.

It was cold as a witch's tit in my shorts and t-shirt, as I stood in the drizzle waiting for the bus. I used my umbrella to shield the wind whenever it decided to blow.

I had intended to stay in tonight, and do homework, but Joe called on my way home, and twisted my arm one tenth of one hundredth of a degree, and I met him at Helios at a little after 9:00, where I posted a STC Benefit Rock Show flyer on their community events bulletin board.

We headed over to Flex at about 9:45, where we ran into Chris (zinnian), whose "dinner group" was using the pool table.

When they finished, we took it over, and played three or four games, pretty much alternating wins if I remember correctly.

At somewhere between 11:30 and midnight, Joe and I walked over to Snoopy's, where I had a BLT and he had an order of fries. I'd never had their BLT, and it was quite delicious.

I drove us over to CCs, where we listened to a little bit of karaoke. About three singers in a row did country songs. I went back in there a little later, again, to a couple more country songs. Interesting.

I left a flyer on the rack by the door with all of the other community news information.

I ran into Blake, and it was his birthday tonight. Lots of birthdays around this time. His, zinnian's, chasman's, brianrdu's, and Richard's (the Flex/Legends bartender). Oh, yeah, and dailyafirmation's is next week.

It was Hispanic night at CCs, so no 12:30 drag show. Rip was there, and he made a couple of comments that came across as racist to me. I hate that.

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