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Free expressing, work, a pre-advising session, homework, and flexing...

I was up at 5:30 this morning to make it to McDonald's for a "team" breakfast. The team consisted of the STC folks who volunteered to paint the Free Expression Tunnel at State today with advertisements for our upcoming Benefit Rock Concert.

By 6:05, they still hadn't opened the doors (they open at 6:00), so instead of just tapping on my watch, I walked around to the 24-hour drivethru, and said, "Do you open at 6?"

"Yes," we do the guy working the window said.

"Well, there's a bunch of us waiting to get in at that door on the other side of the building."

"Yes, we know." He said.

I walked back around, and by the time I got there, they were unlocking the door.

We left for the tunnel at about 6:25, and this, visually, is how the next hour-and-a-half unfolded:

The painting crew waits for MickyD's to open!

The Design Phase
(l-r) Andrew, Milton, Kim, & Will

John helps the "primer" coat to dry more quickly.

Chalk it up!
John, Chatham, & Kim worked the bricks!

The Editing Phase
(l-r) Asst. Eds. Will & Kim, Sr. Editor Andrew

The Beta Release of Wall #1
(l-r) Artistes en residence: Andrew, Milton, Will & Kim

"I left room for the 'f' this time!"
You had to be there! (Process improvement on Wall #2.)

Beauty is Only Paint Deep
Will loves to wear his NCSU Tech Comm t-shirt when he paints.

Starting Wall #2
Andrew & Milton getting down with that on Wall #2.

The Final Release of Wall #2
Nice rhetorical use of an unordered list -- style choice by Kim.

Look it!
John adds a "document" on the ground for sulking passersby.

A Man Out Sitting In His Field
On the brickyard in front of the food court.

Ooooh BABY!
Another chalk talk in the brickyard.

Chalk Worked to the Nub
She's willing to BLEED for STC. That's why Kim's our president.

Fabulous Chalk!
There's Chatham -- our other stalker; er, I mean chalker!

The Final Release of Wall #1

Thanks, baby, for use of your camera!

I worked from home until 2:30 today, and then rode into the office to scan and e-mail edits to Mary Mahoney.

After that, from a Word file copy of Casey's document, I made a PDF file, and tested both some internal and external links in it.

The traffic coming home from RTP was an absolute nightmare.

I took the 4:55-ish bus to campus, and arrived at Tompkins at 5:17, in plenty of time to make the 5:30 Pre-advising Session sponsored by STC. Yee-haw; two STC events within twelve hours of each other on the same day.

Does anyone else think it's just plain wrong to have "commercials" taped onto the desk surfaces in the classroom? One of these was stuck on each desk in the room:

Seeking: Sharp, ambitious people for low key,
educational approach to customer service/sales.

  • Permanent and Temporary Positions
  • Flexible Schedules, FT/PT
  • Paid Training, Base + Incentives
  • Corporate Scholarship Program
  • Internships
  • Residual Income

I worked on some COM598M homework this evening.

I met Kevin at Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night at around 11:30.

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